5 Twitch streamers who fell off their chairs on livestream

5 Twitch streamers who fell off their chairs on livestream (Images via TimTheTatman and Sora629/Twitter)
5 Twitch streamers who fell off their chairs on livestream (Images via TimTheTatman and Sora629/Twitter)
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Twitch streamers and content creators are often seen in a wide variety of situations that might be a bit embarrassing for the streamer but immensely entertaining for their viewers and fans.

Among the most embarrassing moments, streamers often find themselves falling over. Most often, Twitch streamers are seen falling off their chairs due to them being excited to get some rare item in-game or them raging at other people while playing some sort of a competitive game.

This article lists some Twitch streamers who were seen falling off their chairs one way or another.

Five Twitch streamers who fell off their chairs on livestream

5) Haiguh

Twitch streamer Haiguh was busy playing the game Wizard101 and was sorting some things near his desk. As he went to grab something, the streamer immediately fell down his chair and hilariously got stuck.

Unable to get anyone to help him get up, Haiguh exclaimed that his chair broke and funnily laughed at the situation.

4) Sora629

South Korean streamer Sora629 was preparing a wholesome bowl of cereal snacks on her stream when she unexpectedly fell down. As some object on the table was knocked over along with the carton of cereal, she tried to lean forward and fell as chaos ensued.

This disastrous yet hilarious moment went viral on Reddit where people discussed the correct way to prepare a bowl of cereal as they joked that the streamer fell because she poured the milk first. The streamer seemed fine after the fall.

3) Karavay46

Russian streamer and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Karavay46 went head-to-head against another player where he placed the footage from a camera recording his enemy's reactions on his screen.

After Karavay46 was successful in beating his opponent, the opponent showed his enraged emotion at the play and ended up falling off his chair. His camera footage immediately got cut at the perfect frame. Karavay thought his opponent was disconnected but later realized that he had fallen and started to laugh at the situation.

2) MitchOG

MitchOG is a Twitch content creator who focuses on Nintendo games like Pokemon. The streamer was on a mission to play and finish the Pokemon game Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl using only shiny Pokemon.

In his quest to find one of these extremely rare types of Pokemon, he went on to battle against Starly. At first he was a bit disappointed to see the Pokemon being a regular one. However, after realizing that he had found a shiny, MitchOG fell out of his chair due to the sheer excitement.

1) TimTheTatMan

I can’t escape fall damage...

One of the most famous First Person Shooter streamers, TimTheTatMan was also seen hilariously falling off his chair as he focused on playing Valorant. The former Twitch streamer got killed in-game and was enacting his over-the-top reaction.

After making some weird gestures on the stream, TimTheTatMan funnily fell down. From the looks of it, the streamer seemed hurt but got himself back together. He sat right up and continued to stream. The comical tweet went viral as it sits at having more than sixty-five thousand likes.

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