"I play games!": xQc rants about unrealistic expectations placed on him

xQc ranted on stream about the unfair expectations sometimes placed on streamers (Image via xQc/Twitter)
xQc ranted on stream about the unfair expectations sometimes placed on streamers (Image via xQc/Twitter)
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On a recent stream, Felix "xQc" Lengyel went on a rant about the unrealistic expectations placed on popular streamers. He said that people expect him to solve all of the world's problems because he has a large platform.

He also said that people expect him to be a role model for younger viewers. After dealing with a large amount of concern trolling from his chat that day, he finally had enough.

"I play games! I don't raise children!"

xQc rants about unrealistic expectations

Lengyel got frustrated with the repeated concern-trolling going on in his chat. This set him on a rant where he talked about some people's unrealistic expectations for Twitch streamers. He said that people often look to streamers as role models, philanthropists, and de facto parents to younger audiences.

"I'm expected to save the world, fund every charity out there, care about all social and ethical and political problems, fix socioeconomical problems, fix diseases like cancer, and raise everyone's f****** children."

While Lengyel said it is a bit of an exaggeration, many people expect public figures to be perfect role models and philanthropists to advocate for social causes. This has been true with actors, musicians and other celebrities. Today, that sentiment has extended to streamers, online content creators and social media influencers.

The sentiment xQc shared on his stream is not uncommon among public figures. It is unlikely that he got into Twitch streaming to be an authority on social issues and a role model for children. Like some artists want to make music, he said he wants to play games.

The streamer was playing the Toreba online claw machine game. The game is often criticized as gambling because it requires real money to pay for the chance to win prizes.

People in his chat criticized him for promoting what they considered gambling on his stream. This seemed to be what sparked the rant by the former Overwatch pro, who has some history with gambling.

It's interesting to see how this issue has played out with other types of celebrities in the past now being applied to streamers.

Fans react to xQc's rant

People on the r/LiveStreamFail subreddit had plenty to say about Lengyel's on-stream rant.

Many supported the streamer's rant, saying that many of the extra expectations placed on public figures are ridiculous.

One Reddit user made a well-articulated point about not expecting every public figure to be deeply involved in social issues.

Some commenters focused on gambling on-stream, saying it's not up to streamers to be perfect role models and that these issues are omnipresent in society.

While there is a debate as to whether gambling should be allowed on Twitch, there are things to be done to prevent impressionable youths from seeing that content. Perhaps xQc and other streamers shouldn't be held responsible for raising a generation of children. That responsibility should be placed on the parents.

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