“NFTs are the zoomer’s Avon”: Destiny voices his opinion on NFTs and Crypto-currencies while streaming on Twitch 

Destiny dunks on the concept of NFTs in recent stream (Image via Twitch)
Destiny dunks on the concept of NFTs in recent stream (Image via Twitch)
Vibha Hegde

Steven Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnell made some controversial comments on the topic of NFTs while conversing with his friend Wes "Wesbtw" on stream.

The political streamer compared the concept of NFTs to shilling brands such as Avon and Amway, stating that the same people who made fun of the ones selling those products are the same ones dealing in NFTs.

Destiny dunks on NFTs, calls it "pyramid scheme bull****"

Steven Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnell has some heated opinions about NFTs, many of which were shared with general users of the subreddit Livestream Fail.

The streamer made it clear that he was not for the concept, basically eluding it to a scam that people are perpetuating.

NTF stands for non-fungible token. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind token. They are used in the same way as trading cards, with people buying and selling NFTs in order to collect the ones they want or make a large profit.

Art NFTs, which Destiny and Wes are referring to in their conversation, are used to build up "digital art collections." They can be sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Many have argued that NFTs are essentially scams, however, like what Destiny has mentioned in his livestream.

NFTs of art pieces can be countered by simply right-clicking and downloading the image that an NFT is based upon, as non-believers of the concept have said. The average carbon footprint of an NFT is supposedly extremely damaging to the environment, which is why many have advocated against the practice.

Several digital artists have argued that instead of trading NFTs, those who wish to own a "unique piece of art" from an artist they like can choose to commission the artist instead and ask them not to upload it. This avoids both the energy consumption problem with NFTs and the problem of the digital token being countered.

Destiny began his argument against NFTs by saying the following:

"Every single person on the internet that is pushing NFTs is just trying to find a bigger s*cker."

As Wes interjected with agreement on what he said, Destiny elaborated on his previous point for those who were confused:

"When I grew up, people made fun of m***********s that sold Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, but like bro - NFTs are the zoomer's Avon, that's all it is bro. It is the exact same sh*t. Yeah, you're buying some worthless f*****g sh*t with the hopes you can pawn it off on some other loser in the future who thinks they can pawn it off to someone else. It's all pyramid scheme b*llsh*t."

Many on the Livestream Fail subreddit fell in agreement with Destiny's opinions, saying that the "trend" would die out soon enough.

Destiny has shared many controversial takes on trending topics before. Sometime last year, the streamer had called Thomas "Sykkuno" "cringe," which unsurprisingly resulted in heavy backlash.

Bonnell also openly took shots at Twitch for allegedly showing favoritism while banning its content creators for guideline violations.

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