Ninja believed to have made a whopping $100 million from gaming

Ninja has been a pioneer in gaming in many ways (Image via Ninja)
Ninja has been a pioneer in gaming in many ways (Image via Ninja)

Richard Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is apparently the highest-earning video game player ever, with over $100 million.


During a stream, NRG Esports' Fortnite member Stable Ronaldo went on a rant because some viewers didn't understand Ninja's wealth. He listed Ninja's branding deals, sponsorships, and other indicators of his money. He seemed to offer a persuasive argument, and his reasoning made sense.

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Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife, tweeted "100M" shortly after Ronaldo's stream. The timing is too perfect not to be connected with the stream, so many have assumed she was referring to it. '100M' is thought to indicate that Ninja has earned over $100 million from gaming.

Ninja said that after a certain amount earned, millionaires can pay half of their profits in taxes. In the same way, he claimed $25 million in taxes could be paid if someone made $50 million, alluding to himself paying $25 million. In 2020, the Detroit native paid $50 million in taxes, so it's safe to assume he'd made double of that.

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This would make Ninja the highest-paid video game player ever. He has only been a trailblazer, however, since the gaming industry is getting closer to being considered a profession worldwide.

Ninja got his wealth the same way that sports athletes do

Wealthy athletes gain much of their money from specific brand deals. It's the big deals that make money, whether it's Michael Jordan and Nike or Steph Curry and Under Armour. Adidas is one of Ninja's brand deals, estimated to be worth $20 to $30 million.

Besides that, Ninja may have made around $30 million by playing on Mixer instead of Twitch for a year. It is similar to an athlete wearing a particular brand of shoes during a game. Other big companies, including Red Bull, have also broken deals with him.

Ninja has been very successful in monetizing his fame, and it has brought him great fortune. He may be viewed as a pioneer of gaming soon since he has certainly advanced the cause of making the profession profitable.

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