Nintendo confirms more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates are in development 

Animal Crossing. Image via Sportskeeda
Animal Crossing. Image via Sportskeeda

Recently, Nintendo aggravated its already tense Animal Crossing player base with an update that was both small and insignificant. After months of begging for a new update, Nintendo finally listened.

Nintendo's biggest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a bit of a letdown, to put it lightly. They updated the dialogue and added new player cards as part of the first update that didn't involve seasonal changes in a long time.

Animal Crossing was AWOL at E3. Image via Animal Crossing World
Animal Crossing was AWOL at E3. Image via Animal Crossing World

This triggered the already frustrated and dying player base for Animal Crossing. Many considered the game dead, despite what Nintendo president Doug Bowser had promised.

Now, it seems like Nintendo might finally be following through on that promise, at least a little bit. Nintendo announced today that there would be a free update on July 29th, which is just two days away, along with making sure players are updated for unrelated seasonal changes. They also announced more updates were coming after that.

Nintendo is updating Animal Crossing

When talking about major updates, Nintendo has been letting down fans lately, most notably at E3 where Nintendo completely ignored their most popular game. Now, updates are on the way, says Nintendo.

The year is about halfway over (just barely), but an update is coming this week, and there are more to come before the end of the year. After such a long waiting period, it seems Animal Crossing players are going to get at least two substantial updates or content additions in the next 6 months.

It's unclear what these might be, as players have been asking for several things and plenty of additions have been rumored. Brewster and the Roost, gyroids and so much more might be on the way, if fans have any say in it.

Brewster and the Roost. Image via Animal Crossing World
Brewster and the Roost. Image via Animal Crossing World

Nintendo recently put out a player survey to gauge their player base, so it's possible that these updates will be directly influenced by that. Animal Crossing may finally be getting the treatment it deserves as it has been one of the biggest games of the past year.

Will this save Animal Crossing?

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