Nintendo may introduce new items and more in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Fireworks in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing World)
Fireworks in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing World)

Nintendo has aggravated its already frustrated Animal Crossing player base by giving them no updates for a long time. Developers arguably made the situation worse by releasing a dilapidated update that was being highly anticipated. A dialogue update and new player cards were not enough to satisfy calls for a big update.

But Nintendo might be ready to appease some players. Yesterday they announced that a new update was scheduled for 29th July (tomorrow). Developers hinted at fireworks and seasonal items.

They also said that Animal Crossing is expected to get fresh content in the future. More details will be available by the end of the year. After a long wait, it seems as if Animal Crossing might finally be getting the attention it deserves.

A long-awaited update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo's tweet satisfied some players but wasn't enough for those who believed the announcement chalked up to nothing. Once the update drops, players will get a better idea regarding what Nintendo has in mind for Animal Crossing.

One thing to note is the use of the word "free." Free content implies that there will be no DLC (downloadable content), which many Nintendo games utilize. It also means that all players will benefit from this update, not just those who choose to pay.

Nintendo would likely make a lot of money by releasing DLC for Animal Crossing because many players are starving for new content/updates. It shows that Nintendo is committed to its players.

The update is expected to include fireworks. But there is more to it than just a fireworks show, like what happened last year. Cotton candy, tapioca drinks, and popsicles are all getting added to spice up the fireworks show.

Cotton candy in the new update. Image via YouTube
Cotton candy in the new update. Image via YouTube

Animal Crossing will also be getting many new seasonal items to commemorate the holiday season. The cucumber horse and eggplant cow (pictured below) will be among the first new items available. A moon rug, moon cake, and some other moon-themed items will be following those.

Two new seasonal items. Image via YouTube
Two new seasonal items. Image via YouTube

While it doesn't seem like much, this is the first substantial update to the game in a while. Still, players need to bear with Nintendo, as they mentioned in their tweet, because more is coming.

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