Nintendo's latest "update" for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a slap in the face to players

Upset villager. Image via iMore
Upset villager. Image via iMore

Animal Crossing players have basically been begging Nintendo for an update. A big one, with substantial changes, to be more accurate. Rather than the typical seasonal update that adds a few items or changes spawn rates and add events, the player base has been growing restless in anticipation of a big update.

After E3 came and went with no mention of Animal Crossing, players began to lose hope. That was about six weeks ago, and it's been largely radio silence since then.

Nintendo president Doug Bowser did promise the future was planned for Animal Crossing, but that was over a month ago as well. The Animal Crossing player base has been growing more and more frustrated with each passing day.

After much anticipation, Nintendo finally released an update. Was it what fans were hoping for?

Nintendo finally updates Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing players were hoping for a myriad of things. The return of Brewster, new items, minigames, the ability to have multiple islands and so much more were all speculated or asked for.

But Nintendo clearly ignored everything the players wanted. Instead, they updated the dialogue and new player cards.

Trading cards have been a big part of Animal Crossing. Each set has new cards and this one is the largest set released yet. Still, this was a far cry from anything players wanted, and so was the dialog update.

Players wanted new villagers, not a new way to talk to villagers. That is the most disappointing part of the update as it just wasn't necessary.

Villager dialogue. Image via Animal Crossing World
Villager dialogue. Image via Animal Crossing World

This update is a huge slap in the face to the players that have actually stuck around. Many have stopped playing but the few loyal ones who waited for an update have been disrespected by this move.

Nintendo has essentially declared that they don't care about the player base and will do what they want regardless.

Nintendo Switch. Image via Creative Blog
Nintendo Switch. Image via Creative Blog

To be fair to Nintendo, it's not easy to introduce a huge update in a short amount of time if it wasn't already planned. If they had planned a new update for October, it would be very difficult to speed up the process to get it out now.

Still, the players deserve better than that from a company that notoriously treats its users pretty well. This is quite shocking from Nintendo, and disappointing for Animal Crossing players.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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