Nintendo Switch's 14.0.0 version update finally allows users to create game folders; here's how to do it

How to create separate game folders on the Nintendo Switch (Image via Twitter)
How to create separate game folders on the Nintendo Switch (Image via Twitter)

Nintendo Switch got a recent version 14.0.0 update that finally allows users to create separate game folders on the device. This was one of the most-requested and highly-anticipated software updates that fans have been looking for, and it took the developers almost five years to have it introduced on the platform.

By having access to make separate profiles for titles, gamers will now be able to better organize their library.

However, the total number of groups that one will be able to create is limited. The new update will not allow users to go past 100 groups, with each folder having the capacity to house up to 200 games.

Along with the organization tool, the update also brings additional improvements to both the Bluetooth and Audio settings. Users will now be able to adjust the audio volume of connected Bluetooth devices through the Switch itself. However, the device must support AVRCP profiles for that to be a possibility.

Moreover, Nintendo has also looked to improve the maximum volume output for some Bluetooth audio.

How to create separate game folders on the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch owners will be able to easily create separate game folders for titles on the device. The method is not at all complicated, and they can start by following some simple steps:

  • To create a group, Switch owners must first navigate to the Homepage and then make their way to the right and select the “All Software” option.
  • By hitting “L” here, a page will pop up that will automatically showcase all the groups that the user had previously created. However, those who are yet to create one will get a prompt by the device to make their first group.
  • After getting started, gamers can now look to pick as many titles as they want (limited to 200) from the list and then keep hitting next until they are sure that the group is complete.
  • As the Nintendo Switch 14.0.0 update even allows one to organize the titles in the desired order, users can look into categorizing the games in each folder either alphabetically or in terms of which they loved playing the most.
  • Moreover, users will also be able to edit the group name, which further helps to categorize their games and keep them in order. After creating their first group, players can tap the “+” button to make new ones.

This Switch update was one of the most requested by fans. Thankfully, Nintendo finally introduced it ahead of the launch of the highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy on the platform.