No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray has hinted at the development of a seemingly "impossible" project

Hello Games' Sean Murray has provided insight into their brand new project (Image via No Man's Sky)
Hello Games' Sean Murray has provided insight into their brand new project (Image via No Man's Sky)

No Man's Sky is currently one of the most popular games in the industry. However, its release was not so good and the studio spent several years only to finally achieve the exact objective that the game set out to in the initial days.

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Thus, after the success of the same, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has now provided insight on the development of a new, ambitious and seemingly impossible game that is bound to exceed all forms of expectations. In a recent interview, he claimed that:

"Similar to No Man's Sky, it's the kind of project that even if we had a thousand people working on it, it'd seem impossible."

This is definitely quite a statement as No Man's Sky took quite a long time to reach its peak potential. This leads to the question on when and what kind of game can be expected from the company.

The initial troubles with No Man's Sky will ensure Hello Games provides a much better experience with new project

No Man's Sky in 2022 is a game that everyone looks up to as an example of perfection. However, that was not the case when it was first launched. Despite being a highly anticipated game, the release was met with criticism and backlash from fans.

Hello Games spent a lot on marketing this game. Unfortunately, not even 10% of that was delivered to players post-release. The game was repetitive and lackluster. It was a prime example of everything that a much-anticipated title should not do.

The company's communication with the players was quite poor as well after the initial release of No Man's Sky. Thus, many touted it as a PR disaster and eventually the game was forgotten.

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However, a few of them stuck with it as they saw the potential that this game held. Fortunately, the developers also believed in the same and they started putting in one update after another and improved it slowly and steadily.

Eventually, somewhere around two to three years after its release, the game was revived from the dead and has now reached its potential. This was indeed a massive success for Hello Games as they persevered and delivered everything to the players who felt betrayed by the company.

As the saying goes, "All's well that ends well." No Man's Sky evolved from a failure to a prime example of what passionate game development looks like. Thus, there is no shred of doubt that this passion will only extend and reflect in their new project.

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There is no information on what kind of game Hello Games is currently making. It might be another space exploration-type game or something entirely new. However, taking into account that the developers started the pre-production phase in September 2021 and considering the studio size, it will take some time before any information is finally available.

In fact, since their previous game will continue to receive updates, the development of the new project will be quite slow. Thus, even if they rush the process, which in all probability they won't, players might have to wait for another four to five years to receive anything concrete.

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