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The rise of the E-girl phenomenon and the adverse effect its having on Twitch

Image via Amouranth/
Image via Amouranth/
Modified 12 Nov 2020, 22:11 IST

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Do Twitch's renowned E-girls actually have an undesired impact on the platform itself?

In today's digital age, Twitch has emerged as one of the most popular and viable platforms online, and it is home to thousands of content creators across the globe.

A large section of these content creators are E-girls, who contribute towards a major chunk of Twitch's viewership. While E-girls tend to be extremely popular with the masses, they also have their staunch group of critics, who's opinion on the matter couldnt be more different.

One such critic is popular YouTuber ItsAGundam, who recently released a video where he provides numerous instances as to how Twitch tends to pander to the whimsical side of the E-girl phenomenon.

The Rise of E-girls on Twitch

The "E-girl" phenomenon on Twitch stems from the unwavering support which an army of simps often shower upon scantily-dressed streamers. They tend to be criticised for rarely hosting meaningful streams, at least in terms of content.

This phenomenon has been on the rise for a while now, and it is fuelled by scores of viewers who donate large sums of money to their "idealistic notions of perfection." This tends to propagate the dominance of a rather toxic "simp culture" which constitutes one of the major issues with Twitch streaming today.

As a result, despite it's immense reach and success in developing an interactive relationship with a global audience, Twitch, of late, has become a notorious breeding ground for "E-girls," who are often subject to ridicule by members of the online community:


The perils of modern-day Twitch streaming ft. E-girls

Over the past few years, we have witnessed quite a few controversies taking place on Twitch, most of which tend to revolve around E-girls.


From streamers such as Alinity throwing their cat to Amouranth "intentionally" getting banned for nudity, the quality of content on Twitch seems to be somewhat deteriorating with each passing month.

The phenomenon of being scantily clad, in order to rake in views, has become a persistent occurrence on Twitch. In fact, back in June, a sex addict had reportedly sued Twitch for $25 million, where he condemned 'sexually suggestive' female streamers, who allegedly 'exacerbated' his condition.

While suggestive clothing has always been a source of concern on Twitch, of late, the emergence of streamers indulging in questionable acts on live stream, or simply not doing anything, seems to have become a problematic mainstay as well.

These points are reiterated in the clip above, as ItsAGundam presents examples of various streamers, who in his opinion, add nothing in the "wholesome" department. This is due to the fact that their activities range from hitting themselves with a hammer to simply lying in bed, doing nothing.

However, the one example which simply takes the cake is that of a Twitch streamer called Cynikaz, who randomly decides to spray a bottle of perfume, into her mouth!

If that wasn't enough, ItsAGundam proceeds to give the example of another Twitch streamer by the name of Melina, who literally funds her travels across the globe through money made off 'simps'.


Most of her clips revolve around her visiting restaurants, swimming pools and spas, where she seems to be enjoying herself, courtesy of her "extra travel funds":

Image via ItsAGundam/ YouTube
Image via ItsAGundam/ YouTube

While there is no doubt that Twitch continues to deliver quality content when it comes to the department of gaming, the E-girl sector is a rather tricky one, replete with its pros and cons.

As suggestive attires and acts of comedy continue to reign supreme on Twitch, it looks like the E-girl trend is here to stay, as they continue to win over simps with their actions.

Published 12 Nov 2020, 19:51 IST
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