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Outriders constantly crashing: Players report getting kicked out of the lobby and other server problems

Image via People Can Fly/Square Enix
Image via People Can Fly/Square Enix
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 09 Apr 2021

Outriders isn't really off to that great a start. Although the game shows some promise, many issues are currently plaguing the game. Outriders is currently a bundle of bugs, with everything from players being kicked out of the lobby to the game crashing, happening.

Overall, the continuous connectivity issue that Outriders is facing is the reason the entire gaming community is irked. The developers behind Outriders had promised that the game will support crossplay from the very first day, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Players report connectivity issues after Outriders constantly crashes

Players have been reporting that if there's a hybrid lobby, i.e. a lobby that has players logged in from PC and console, one of the players gets booted.

The developers have been very prompt to respond when they've been questioned about what went wrong with the launch of the game. They've agreed to talk about the issues once all these existing problems have been handled.


Even without crossplay, players still faced server instabilities. Getting kicked from sessions is something which is the cause of a lot of frustration for players navigating through this brand new looter shooter.


Players need to stock up on weapons and items for them to progress but getting kicked out continuously can put a stop to that progress, especially if players get booted from the server before the game saves.

Despite these online connectivity issues, players have also been facing various visual bugs. Although the game was riding on a lot of hype, the current situation isn't being very favorable to Outriders.

The game has a neutral rating on Steam, and it has a lot of reviews as well. Most of these reviews are negative and pertain to the connectivity issues that the game is facing.


From the looks of it, Outriders might be suffering from the problem Cyberpunk 2077 suffered from as well - a rushed release. At least the developers behind Outriders are being more proactive and responsive. The game was down for an entire day on the 5th of April as the developers tried to address some of the issues in the game.

Overall, Outriders shows a lot of promise as a looter-shooter. It may not be as good as the Destiny franchise, but it's difficult to say anything about the game because it has just released. If the developers want Outriders to really leave a mark, they've got to start addressing the issues that the game is facing at this point.

Published 09 Apr 2021, 00:10 IST
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