Outriders farming guide: The best method to farm infinite epics, world tiers and more

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders
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Outriders is a newer game that requires the player to use high-level equipment as the story progresses, but there aren't many guides or helpful tips about getting all of the best loot.


Luckily, many farming methods have been found that give players an advantage. To get by before tackling the hard quests in Outriders, players can use these farming methods. Following these tips is the best way to gain experience and crafting materials quickly.

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Best way to farm XP in Outriders

Players can reach World Tier 7 in no time if they complete each campaign. Once that's done, they'll need to grind to progress through the game. There are some places in particular where players can earn XP.

The third story point of First City is focused on reaching the other side of the river; this is an excellent XP farming mission. Doing this mission with a high AOE type of weapon is the best way to go about farming this mission. The player has to run around to get a crowd of monsters to surround them, and then they take them all out with the high AOE weapon.

At this point in the story, there are two areas with a lot of monsters. The player only needs to concentrate on one area and go to the other after slaying the monsters. Doing this gains hundreds of XP per every dozen monsters killed.

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Best way to farm crafting materials in Outriders

Crafting high-level weapons or upgrading requires a lot of leather and titanium. As players progress through the campaign, they earn some, but eventually, this becomes difficult. If players need some easy titanium, some campaigns are perfect for it.


Eagle Peak has an "Investigate the volcano's peak" mission that is perfect for obtaining titanium and leather quickly. While investigating, a giant spider-like creature will pop out and begin attacking the player. The player needs to kill this monster for the titanium.

The best way to beat this monster quickly is to destroy the armor on the legs and hit the weak points after. It takes less than 10 minutes to kill this boss, and after 3 phases, the boss will die and drop some low-tier items. The essential drops are the crafting materials it drops, and it usually drops over 25 titanium and almost 1,000 leather per death.

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Getting unlimited amounts of epics in Outriders

Epics sell well, they're helpful, and players can never have enough of them. If players want to get to the point where they are unstoppable, they need to start stocking up on epic items. You can decide what to do with them after, but these are just smart to have and use for money, 1,000+ scrap, or more.

The story's first mission, "Forest Enclave," is the best place to go for Epics. The giant monster, named a 'Chrysaloid,' has a clear visible weak point on its chest, and on its second phase, the weak spot gets more prominent. The player needs to keep shooting at its weak spot until it dies.

It is one of the fastest bosses to kill. Usually, experienced players will be able to kill this monster in about five minutes. It is best done with a sniper rifle due to its serious damage and high accuracy.


This monster comes out early in the level, and it drops epics every single time it dies. Players can keep spamming the level, killing the Chrysaloid, repeating for an unlimited amount of epics.

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Monster Hunts are a lesser version of these tips

Monster Hunts are well known to be the best way to earn epics, money, and XP. It isn't as good as any of these things, but the player gets all three at once. Monster Hunts is recommended as an alternative because it is a lot slower than just following one of these guides.

Players should follow each guide and rack up as much XP, Epics, or Crafting materials needed to progress. Monster Hunts will be better used when these farming techniques are nerfed.

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