How to earn Class Points in Outriders

Image Via Square Enix
Image Via Square Enix

Outriders is a looter shooter with RPG elements at its core, which means there are plenty of points to earn to progress through a given class. Players need Class Points to upgrade their character and grow in strength.

There is only one way to earn Class Points in Outriders, and that is to earn XP and level up throughout the game. Class Points are what allow players to allocate new strengths to their characters to face more immense challenges.

Overall, there are 30 levels for players to progress through, which seems like a typical limit for looter shooter-type games. But that doesn't automatically equate to 30 Class Points earned.

As players make their way up to level 30, they can only earn 20 Class Points in total. During the demo, players were allowed to level up to level 7, and Outriders only gave out two Class Points at level 5 and level 7.

To earn those points, players need to gain XP as they take out enemies and progress through missions. Aside from that, there are no other core methods to earn XP.

World tiers are their own system that can increase the challenge by several different tiers, but they don't increase the experience gained. Instead, the main draw is earning better loot depending on the tier level.

One thing players should look out for, though, is the possibility of losing XP in Outriders. If players want to gain Class Points faster, they'll need to be careful not to die in encounters and lose some XP.

Outriders classes and how to use Class Points


Players must utilize the Class Points they get as they work their way towards the max level of 30. All 20 points will give the player more specialization, and each one has weight.

To spend points, players need to go over to the Class Tree, where plenty of options are available to build their desired class. While Class Points in Outriders are undoubtedly important, it's not the end of the world if players don't like the build they've made.

Players can reset the Class Tree if they would like to try a new path on their class. There are also four classes in total within Outriders: the Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster, and Devastator. Regardless of the class chosen, the Class Points will make a huge difference.