Outriders: The fastest method to farm Legendaries (upto 8 every hour)

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders

Outriders' Chemplant expedition will speed up players' quest for legendary items with each increase in difficulty.


Like most games, Outrider’s best gear is difficult to acquire. Players slog through every campaign they can and have limited success. Instead, players should follow this guide in order to earn as many legendaries as possible.

Chemplant is the most effective expedition to get legendaries the fastest. The current server load is making it difficult to get into Chem plant, but patience is a virtue. Even if one cannot get into Chem plant, they can choose another expedition and abandon it midway to get into Chem plant.

Usually, the campaign rewards players with one or two legendary drops once completed. Playing with friends makes the gameplay even quicker and easier. After completing Chem plant on the gold difficulty, there is a 25% chance that every item given will be legendary.

The difficulty determines how many legendaries the player can get. Players should begin with the lower levels when they are just starting. They can then work their way up to higher levels with a greater chance of earning more legendary items.

Legendary items are very distinct in the game. They look much cooler than the starter weapons and armor, and when the players have armor sets, they offer even bigger bonuses. A player who wants to earn everything as fairly as possible should probably refrain from using this map as their main map due to its benefits.

This method is the fastest way to gain Legendaries, but it doesn't make it any easier. Players will need some time to complete each campaign, possibly as much as 15 minutes on Gold. Yet, they will still find it difficult, and it will only get easier as they gain more armor.

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This method is just one way to get legendaries in Outriders, not one way to play the entire game

It is an incredible game, and the other campaigns are worth checking out. This method is just to get more legendaries, which helps make Outriders a little easier, but it is not the best way to experience Outriders. Players should get their armor sets and weapons and then try and play through the other campaigns with their newfound legendaries.


This method of gaining legendaries in Outriders is not an exploit, either. It will still take a lot of work and won't make a player a super-rich or powerful character in a day. Therefore, players should feel free to use this method to farm legendaries.

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