Outriders farming guide: Tips and tricks to use Green or Blue gears for progression

Green Tier Gear compared to Purple Tier Gear
Green Tier Gear compared to Purple Tier Gear
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Outriders players now have a quick way to upgrade their gear.

As many players will know by now, Outriders has been just about everywhere due to its popularity. Even now, lots of users are still finding ways to make the game more exciting and easier for the next run. Many players know just how helpful some in-game upgrades can be.

It's as easy as having some players easily upgrade their gear by purchasing lower tiers and going from there.

Outriders Easy Upgrade

This is a pretty easy method to use in Outriders, so players shouldn't have too many issues with it. This requires players to go to several vendors in-game and find gear that is in the Green Tier.

This indicates that the gear is in the lower rarity of the bunch, but it’s the best for now.

For this method, finding items with lower-tier and quality are better.

Players should remember to check with vendors every 30 minutes as they always change to give various options for new items. The next step after purchasing the Green Tier gear is to simply upgrade them to a Blue Tier.

When upgrading to a Blue Tier, players will then have the option to get a Tier I mod of their choice. There will be an assortment of three different Tier I mods, so it's best to pick the mod players want the most.

Even if the mods aren't those that players want, continue with the upgrade to get a better outcome.

Green Tier Gear (Image via YouTube)
Green Tier Gear (Image via YouTube)

After doing this step, simply repeat the process to get the Purple Tier next. It will have an assortment of three Tier II mods to choose from, giving players even more abilities. It's as easy as that. Players can now have Purple Tier gear in Outriders for cheap.

Continuously upgrading like this ensures players have a range of gear and maybe even the strongest in Outriders.

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