New Outriders update: Is it safe to play now after the Inventory Wipe fix?

(Image via People Can Fly)
(Image via People Can Fly)
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A new Outriders update has finally arrived.

Players will be happy to know that Outriders has finally put out an update in response to several in-game issues, including the Inventory Wipe that was removing everything from a player's possession. Among other issues, Outriders made it pretty clear they wanted to fix this issue right away, as it was one of the more concerning bugs.

Outriders did reach out to the community about the several issues over the last few days and have even done so now with the new update as well.

New Outriders Update & Warning

As stated before, Inventory Wipe has been the most concerning issue for Outriders players. It’s a pretty drastic bug to have in-game, as several items were being wiped from several player’s inventories pretty often.

The new Outriders update is set to focus primarily on the Inventory Wipe issue, as it's the most bothersome one for players who do get to play the game. The new patch may create multiplayer connectivity issues and turn some inventory items “invisible” for a moment or two as well. This is all temporary and can be fixed by restarting the game or waiting for a few minutes.

They did want players to know that there might be some users out there who were impacted by the Inventory Wipe, and Outriders will be doing everything they can to restore those items in a completely separate process than the update from today's release.

In short, those who have lost items will have to continue waiting to see when and if the new Outriders update will be able to restore anything. They also claim that they will be giving news through Twitter as quickly as they can for the next restoration process and possibly the new Outriders update after this current one.

The new Outriders update is supposed to be the only one needed to fix the Inventory Wipe issue, however, Outriders warns players that it could potentially not work. This is why this coming weekend, Outriders will be watching the game activity extremely closely to ensure the patch works. This makes sense, as this is a pretty big issue, and one update might not fix it immediately.

Outriders also mentioned that as soon as they are confident and happy with the new patch, they will begin to share a timeline and some extra details on when the actual Inventory Restoration will occur.

Again, they can’t say anything now until they are certain that the patch works, otherwise, they’d be fighting both bugs and possibly taking longer in the process. This way, they can focus on just one at a time and properly patch the issues in a new Outriders update.

Luckily, some players have not come across the in-game issues and have been able to enjoy the game normally. Hopefully, that continues to be the case for them, and as for for everyone else, new patches are coming soon. Players that encounter a wipe after this new Outriders update are encouraged to report it.

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