Overwatch 2 future roadmap: New heroes, maps, mythic skins and more

Blizzard has already released a roadmap with upcoming maps and heroes (Image via Xbox)
Blizzard has already released a roadmap with upcoming maps and heroes (Image via Xbox)
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Things associated with Overwatch 2 have gained pace with the turn of the year, and Blizzard has already revealed that there is much more to come. In their June 16 reveal, the developers let the community know about a lot of content present in the upcoming sequel. While the release is still some time away, it's always exciting to learn about what kind of content will be present in it. In this regard, Blizzard has already spoke about new heroes, maps, and more that will be present in the second installment.

Overwatch 2 arrives October 4, there will be free updates every season which lasts 9 Weeks!๐Ÿ‘ค Blizzard are planning to release a new hero every other season.

Overwatch 2 will be the natural successor to the first game, revolutionizing the hero-shooter genre. While the game will retain its core gameplay from the first title, there will also be a heavy set of changes. The upcoming title has a release date of October 4, 2022, and will be a free-to-play title.

Overwatch 2 will retain the core of the first game but will feature new champions and game modes

With Overwatch 2 being available in a free-to-play model, it will be an extensive live service with different seasonal content. Each of these seasons will have battle passes with free and premium options. However, that's not all, as each season will also be introducing new content.

According to Blizzard, each season will have at least one new hero, game mode, or map. The developers have already confirmed that one new hero will be added every other season, which will contribute to the list of existing heroes available on release. While some old heroes have been reworked, there are new ones like Sojourn, who have made their debut in the second iteration.


Season 1 will start with the game's launch, bringing three new heroes and six new maps for players. There will also be a push game mode, which some players may have already experienced in the PvP beta. It's expected that there will be a few changes based on fans' feedback.

Once the game releases in late 2022, it will likely be followed by more content, including new maps and heroes. Interestingly, there will also be a campaign expected to be the PvE aspect of the game. Players can complete different quests together with their friends to earn additional rewards.


Additionally, Overwatch 2 will introduce Mythic skins, a tier above Legendary skins. Obviously, these skins will have the highest degree of customization and cosmetic effects. It's unclear how these skins will be obtainable in the game, but features like the Battle Pass will likely have them across the premium reward path.

If Overwatch 2 releases as per the existing schedule, there will likely be more roadmaps next year to reveal additional future content. It will be interesting to see how successful the free-to-play model will be for the game's future. Another interesting part will be the microtransactions Blizzard might incorporate after the company has faced severe flak over Diablo Immortal.

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