PlayStation outsourcing God of War PC port could indicate towards more titles making their way to PC

This likely won't be the last PlayStation title ported to PC, boy! (Image by God of War)
This likely won't be the last PlayStation title ported to PC, boy! (Image by God of War)

After almost four years, God of War, the 2018 Game of the Year-winning PlayStation title, is headed to PC in January 2022. However, contrary to prior assumptions, the PC version isn’t being handled by Sony's internal studios but is being outsourced.

While historically, games developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Studios have been exclusive to the PlayStation systems, the publishers have recently shown eagerness to bring them over to the PC platform. Starting from Horizon Zero Dawn and followed by Days Gone, Sony and PlayStation have already promised to bring several of their flagship titles, including Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and, of course, God of War.


PlayStation outsourcing God of War's PC port could be indicative of more to come?

God of War, the 2018 soft-reboot of the iconic franchise which takes Kratos to the Nordic realms, was universally acclaimed and a highly profitable system seller. The game is finally making its way to the PC after almost four years.

It was initially assumed that the post was being handled by Nixxes Software, the studio known for helming PC ports of titles such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers. It was acquired recently by PlayStation to develop more PC ports. However, PlayStation recently clarified to Ars Technica that the PC port of God of War is being developed by Jetpack Interactive, a port-focused studio based in Vancouver, BC.

Jetpack Interactive isn’t the only third-party studio partnering with Sony on a PC port, as the upcoming Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection is being handled by Iron Galaxy. Partnering with a third part studio and outsourcing PC port development isn’t an unconventional practice, and most studios do it. However, it is unusual when there is already a first-party studio available in Nixxes.

Sony has promised to bring more of its titles over to PC, and based on the developer outsourcing PC ports, it can be deduced that Nixxes could very well be working on a PC port for another PlayStation title.

Quite recently, there have been a couple of leaks referring to titles such as Bloodborne and Last of Us headed over to PC. However, both reports were proven to be fabricated and fake. Regardless, God of War likely won't be the last PlayStation title ported over to the PC, and only time will tell which one will be next.

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