All of the God of War features coming to PC

God of War on PC arrives in January 2022 (Image via PlayStation/YouTube)
God of War on PC arrives in January 2022 (Image via PlayStation/YouTube)

God of War is officially on its way to PC, and like most games that debut on a new platform, new features are expected to be introduced to the Norse Kratos saga.

Before players get too ahead of themselves, the features involved in the new platform release aren't game changing. However, some of the new graphical updates will alter the way many players experience God of War. The new cosmetics in the PC edition on Steam are the cherry on top of a new way to play God of War.

New graphical features in God of War on PC


The most exciting part of the new God of War release is the addition of PC features that were unavailable before. This typically entails new graphical settings that weren't possible on previous generation consoles.

Unlocked framerate is one aspect of the PC settings which will allow players to run God of War smoother than before. The game recently got a PS5 update that allows for 60 frames per second, and that's much better than the 30 frames on PlayStation 4. However, there's a massive difference between 60 frames and 200 frames.

Next is the slew of graphical enhancements that will not only make God of War look better, but also more customizable. According to Sony, there will be GTAO and SSDO, improved shadows, screen space reflections, Nvidia DLSS, and Nvidia Reflex options. There will be more options, but these have been confirmed as of now.

Another great addition will be the DualShock 4 and DualSense controller support for the PC version of God of War. Supposedly, features like haptic feedback will be possible for the DualSense on PC, and that would be a relatively new addition to the platform.

Additional cosmetics in God of War on PC

Players can expect a few extra goodies when they buy God of War on PC, or more specifically, on Steam. The same option may be available on the Epic store, but it is yet to be confirmed.

First there will be an armor set called Death's Vow which will be unique to the new release. The armor can be used for both Kratos and Atreus as they go through their Norse adventure.

Other cosmetics are shield skins that can be used on Kratos. There are four so far that include Exile's Guardian, Buckler of the Forge, Shining Elven Soul, and Dokkenshieldr. More may be announced soon, but these are the new features currently confirmed for God of War on PC.