PMCO Fall Split 2019: Looking back at ETG.Brawlers' disappointing finish to a promising campaign

ETG.Brawlers finished seventh in the regional finals
ETG.Brawlers finished seventh in the regional finals

The regional-finals of the PMCO Fall Split South Asian region have concluded with Entity Gaming, IND, and INS qualifying for the Global Finals. The regional finals that were held in KD Jadhav Indoor Hall in Delhi, saw 16 teams battling for a spot in the global-finals. The competition was cut-throat and in the end, the best teams prevailed. ETG.Brawlers was one team that missed out on the global finals spot despite being one of the strongest teams in raw talent and skill.

ETG.Brawlers was labeled as one of the favorites to win the South Asian regional finals. The team looked sharp at the group stage, and they ascended to a whole new level in the playin stage. ETG.Brawlers started the playin stage with three straight Chicken Dinners in three games. They played phenomenally throughout the playin stage, and the points table justified their performance as the team finished in the first position. ETG.Brawlers ended the playin stage with 60 kills and 149 points in twelve games.

ETG.Brawlers was one of the prime candidates for winning the entire tournament moving into the regional finals. Their performance in the past tournaments and the playin stage had pushed the expectations a lot higher for them. However, ETG.Brawlers succumbed on the big stage as the team did not qualify for the PMCO global finals.

It never felt like ETG.Brawlers is playing to its potential, and the team-coordination seemed out of sync. The team finished in seventh position at the end of regional finals, with only one Chicken Dinner to their name. Despite boasting a talented roster, ETG.Brawlers fell short in the final stage. Even though they racked up high kills in multiple games, the team couldn’t capitalize on position points. There were a few instances where the players showed glimpses of their true potential, but that was not enough to carry the ETG.Brawlers squad to the next round.

Although they did not qualify for global finals, ETG.Brawlers is still one of the best teams in India. They carry the potential to turn any game upside down and is one team to look out for in the future.

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Edited by S Chowdhury
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