PMCO Fall Split 2019: South Asia Playins Day 2 Results and Standings; Team SouL got Qualified for Regional Finals

PMCO 2019 South Asia Overall Standings
PMCO 2019 South Asia Overall Standings

After the second day, South Asia got its Top 16 team that will further proceed to PMCO Fall Split 2019 Regional Finals. On Day 2 of Playins, all the teams tried their best to perform even better than Day 1 and make it to the Top 16 in the leader board. A total of 6 matches were played, and every match was enthralling.

Talking about the top 3 teams after Day 2, then we have ETG Brawlers at the top of Leader board with 149 points. They were followed by Team IND & GodL at the 2nd and 3rd place of the leader board.

Here are the highlights of every match of PMCO 2019 Fall Split South Asia Playins Day 2.

Match 7- Group A and B (Miramar TPP)

Winner of The Match: ETG Brawlers- 16 Kills

The Brawlers were playing very fantastic from Day 1, and in the first match of the second day, they got another Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. In the final moments of the match, Viper from Team SouL added a couple of kills and got placed at #4 rank. In the end zone, the ETG Brawlers clan eliminated both 8Bit and Elementrix Clan and continues to conquer the leader board.

Points Table after Match 7:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 138 Points
  • #2 Team TDP: 67 Points
  • #3 Fnatic: 63 Points

Match 8- Group A and B (Sanhok TPP)

Winner of The Match: GodL Clan- 5 Kills

Orange Rock and TDP both decided to drop and loot in the center of the map, i.e. Bootcamp. However, after some time, both the teams moved away from each other to avoid an early fight. Shockingly, Synerge clan took its revenge from ETG Brawlers by eliminating them first in match 8. At the end of the game, a lot of teams decided to do the healing battle so that the points could rise further up in the leader board. Kronten from GodL clan took the final kill and got their first victory.

Points Table after Match 8:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 142 Points
  • #2 GodL: 81 Points
  • #3 TDP: 68 Points

Match 9- Group A and C (Vikendi TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team INS- 10 Kills

The plane took its flight path from Pehvoka to Port. Surprisingly, the zone becomes the major problem for all the teams, which forced them to do a solid rotation. Team Fnatic lost their main players ScoutOP and Owais early in the match and the remaining players of Fnatic were wiped out by ETG Brawlers. At last, the INS clan got an insane victory by eliminating Nepali Ho Ni Team.

Points Table after Match 9:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 148 Points
  • #2 GodL: 81 Points
  • #3 TDP: 69 Points

Match 10- Group A and C (Erangel TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team IND- 20 Kills

In match 10, Utility like a smoke grenade was used a lot to gain some extra cover in the open field. Due to the disadvantage of the zone, Fnatic's got eliminated in the 13th position. In the final zone, co-ordination between Team IND was brilliant, which lead them to their first victory with a total of 20 Kills.

Points Table after Match 10:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 149 Points
  • #2 Team IND: 81 Points
  • #3 Team GodL: 81 Points

Match 11- Group B and C (Sanhok TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team 8BIT- 6 Kills

After the end of match 11, 8BIT added 26 points in the points table, tried to reserve their slot for regional finals. 8BIT got the final victory and got placed at 16th position in the overall points table.

Points Table after Match 11:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 149 Points
  • #2 Team IND: 106 Points
  • #3 Team GodL: 83 Points

Match 12- Group B and C (Erangel TPP)

Winner of The Match: Team 8BIT- 6 Kills

The final zone was made in an open field, considering this a lot of teams burst their vehicles to make cover for them. Most of the teams were alive till the final zone which led to immersive aggression and intense fights. Finally, Team Reckoning won the game and Nepali Ho Ni came second.

Points Table after Match 12:

  • #1 ETG Brawlers: 149 Points
  • #2 Team IND: 121 Points
  • #3 Team GodL: 93 Points

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