Fnatic PUBG Mobile roster to disband after PMPL SA 2020 

Fnatic PUBG Mobile team will disband after PMPL 2020
Fnatic PUBG Mobile team will disband after PMPL 2020

Fnatic is one of the most dominating PUBG Mobile teams in India. It has some of the best PUBG Mobile players and a huge fan base inside and outside the game. But Fnatic's fans won't be able to witness the current line-up of the team playing together anymore, after the conclusion of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020.

As announced by Fnatic on its official Instagram handle, PMPL South Asia 2020 would be the last tournament for the squad with the current roster. There will be changes in the squad that will be announced after the PMPL gets over.

Fnatic PUBG Mobile Official Announcement

Fnatic PUBG Mobile India (Credits: Electro YTR)
Fnatic PUBG Mobile India (Credits: Electro YTR)

Fnatic India in its official announcement said that they are proud of the current line up and their journey with the current line up will end after the PMPL South Asia 2020. Here is the official statement made by Fnatic:

It is with both sadness and excitement that we announce that the PMPL will be our last dance with the current lineup. One final ride with the boys who started this journey. This lineup will always be an Emotion. We've got nothing but love for each of the players. But, as in many walks of life, the paths of individuals cross impermanently. As the PMPL concludes, we will reveal the changes—we hope to see all of you there.

ScOutOP and Owais had already given hints regarding the same on their live streams, a few days ago. The news is heartbreaking for the fans and in this regard Fnatic stated:

We understand that this might upset some of you. But, for 15 years at Fnatic, we've created great talent, built fantastic teams and we can still remember every single one whose path crossed with ours.

PMPL South Asia will go on till 14th June 2020 and fans can watch the team playing in the tournament on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel.

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