PMPL South Asia 2020: TSM Entity wins Match 3 of Day 3 with 13 kills

  • TSM Entity was the winner of the third match of PMPL South Asia 2020 Day 3
  • TSM Entity got the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by taking 13 kills in the third round of the day
Tarun Sayal
Modified 22 May 2020, 21:15 IST

PMPL South Asia 2020 Day 3 Match 3 Standings
PMPL South Asia 2020 Day 3 Match 3 Standings

Day three of the PMPL South Asia 2020 PUBG Mobile tournament got underway with the action-packed PUBG Mobile matches rolling into Week 1, where five groups are competing against each other for the title.

The first match of the day took place in Vikendi from a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Winery to Dobro Mesto, and the first play zone was formed on the east side of the map.

Early Game

One of the most beloved teams in India, souL decided to land on Winery to get the favour of the first zone. After looting the location, souL decided to explore small compounds, where a player of Team Xtreme clan spotted them. However, TX from group E decided to avoid the early action in the game, to maintain consistency on the leaderboard.

Mid Game

While shifting to a new location, Hype clan lost two of their players to the opponent team. In order to survive long on the battlefield, the remaining two players escaped from the area. The airdrop of the second zone landed in the centre of the map, contained new weapon DB shotgun in it. Besides the rare gun, the drop held level 3 gear in it.

Late Game

VSG crawlers got eliminated at #16 position and finished the game at last position. While scouting the area, Soul Regaltos risked his life to the SynerGE clan and got instantly decimated by the opponent team.

In the final zone, TSM Entity with a 4 man advantage conquered the battle and snatched the chicken dinner from Celtz clan. TSM Entity Neyoo was the MVP of the third match of the day with 8 kills.

Top 5 players of Match 3
Top 5 players of Match 3

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Published 22 May 2020, 21:15 IST
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