Pokemon Sword and Shield: A leak suggests surprising new Evolution in Gen 8

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On February 21, a now deleted post on 4chan posted some details about the next Pokemon game. It is hard to believe leaks because you don't know how true it is but the post correctly predicted the names Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield before the announcement date. We also know that the new region, Galar, is based on Great Britain as the post suggests.

But the other details is something we haven't had a taste of just yet. Pokemon introduced Mega Evolution in the 3DS games X&Y, which had more powerful versions of a final evolution Pokemon. Pokemon also introduced Alolan Evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which gave Pokemon different stats and types.

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Armoured Pokemon goes with the theme of "Sword and Shield" as well. From what the post suggests, Charizard, Mewtwo, Flygon and Zeraora will receive these Armored Evolutions and Meltan will be tied to these Evolutions. Meltan was released on Pokemon Go and Switch's only Pokemon game Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu and Eevee.

What gave us possible further confirmation is the words "Armored Mewtwo" was trademarked by Gamefreak and Nintendo, who will be responsible for making and publishing the Generation 8 game respectively.

The news quickly spread through social sites such as Reddit. User RinneNomad was quick to point out how Gamefreak only seems to be giving these evolutions to Gen 1 Pokemon. The Johto Starters so far have not received any type of special evolution, not even the Mega Evolutions. Giving Charizard so many different forms oversaturates the Pokemon a little bit.

We don't know how true the leaks are but it did confirm two points out of the six. We will need to wait for Nintendo and Gamefreak to post further information over the next few months as we inch closer to the release date of the Gen 8 games.

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