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Pokemon Sword and Shield: 8 Details From The Galar Map

  • Easter eggs and little details from Galar region.
Gautam Nath
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Modified 11 Mar 2019, 21:44 IST

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the next generation (Gen 8) of Pokemon. The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch. The games feature the humongous map of Galar, which is based on the British Isles. Not only is the map shaped like the British Isle of England, Wales and Scotland, but the games also feature many easter eggs and nods to an Industrial Revolution-era Britain.

Gamefreak and Nintendo gave us sparse details and only an introduction trailer. But there was a rumour suggesting new types of Evolutions possibly in the game. They did give us a huge map of the region and left us players to wonder about the details that the game will contain. Here are some easter eggs and interesting details we noticed about the Galar map.

#8. Hometown and Route 1

The very bottom of the map looks like the starting point of the map. This is the best suggestion as to where the player starts. The hometown looks huge! From what we have seen in the trailer, this town also leads to a scenic Route 1 which is probably where you get your Starter Pokemon.

The huge purple mansion in the centre could probably be the lab of the new professor.

Route 1
Route 1


#7. Mines and Trains

There seems to be a lot of railway tracks connected throughout the Galar region. From what we saw in the announcement trailer, you can explore mines which are probably connected to mine carts. Maybe this is a mine full of Zubats in which case, I'm already shuddering.

The mine is on the east of a huge town, so it is also possible that this mine connects with other parts of the region. Whatever it really is, the design looks beautiful and it should come out beautifully in 1080p on a huge TV!

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Published 11 Mar 2019, 20:32 IST
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