Pokimane forgets about mirror during unboxing stream, promptly flips it after chat gets lewd

The moment occurred during a recent unboxing stream on Pokimane's channel (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)
The moment occurred during a recent unboxing stream on Pokimane's channel (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Aryan Mehta

Imane "Pokimane" Anys had an embarrassing moment on stream when she completely forgot about the mirror in her room during an unboxing stream.

The second most-watched female streamer of 2020, Pokimane, was regularly subjected to inappropriate comments during her streams. This stream was no exception, and she bent over in front of a mirror, her Twitch chat started to go berserk.

The clip has gone viral for a second time, amassing hundreds of thousands of views months after its original release.

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Pokimane flips her mirror after Twitch chat gets inappropriate


During an unboxing stream of fan mail back in October 2020, Pokimane had switched up her camera set up to show her chat what was going on while she opened up a few boxes on-screen.

Barely a few minutes in, the popular variety streamer's Twitch chat began spamming Kreygasms and GachiHypers in the chat in response to the view on the mirror.

After a couple of minutes, Pokimane wisened up to what was going on and promptly flipped the mirror to prevent any indecent exposure on camera. She even thanked her cat's mews for attention that helped her realize the situation.

"Wait, can you guys see? Mimi said, the mirror, mummy, the mirror! You're so right!"

Not a stranger to being caught off guard on stream, Pokimane has been a victim of unfortunate camera placement in the past when she completely forgot her stream was running and bent over only to realize what just happened.


With Twitch being stringent about their ToS regarding indecent exposure and not one to tolerate inappropriate messages in her chat, Pokimane is extra careful about these incidents and tries to avoid them on stream as much as possible.

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