"There's no way": Pokimane and HasanAbi get called out by Koil amidst Streamlabs controversy

Koil calls out Pokimane and HasanAbi over Streamlabs tweets (Image via Sportskeeda)
Koil calls out Pokimane and HasanAbi over Streamlabs tweets (Image via Sportskeeda)

Imane "Pokimane" Anys and Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker recently got called out for their tweets regarding the latest Streamlabs controversy by Koil.

During one of his recent livestreams on Twitch, Koil revealed his thoughts on streamers like Pokimane and HasanAbi continuing to work with Streamlabs after their recent controversy came to light. Koil is an Australian streamer, who is also known as the owner and lead developer of the famous exclusive GTA V RP server "NoPixel".

Pokimane and HasanAbi's continued working relations with Streamlabs does not amuse Koil

The popular streaming software company Streamlabs came under fire a couple of days ago for questionable business ethics and copying marketing content from its competitors. The controversy came into the spotlight when the competing streaming software company Lightstream released a tweet mocking Streamlabs for copying their marketing page.

Following this, other companies in the space, like OBS Studio, revealed their own stories about Streamlabs. OBS accused Streamlabs of using their name without permission and then going on to trademark it. They also said in their tweet that they tried to resolve the matter in private, but Streamlabs wasn't cooperative.

Following the tweet by OBS, Pokimane replied to Streamlabs openly on Twitter, asking them to rectify the matter as quickly as possible. She also told the company, saying that she wouldn't want to be the face of Streamlabs anymore if they failed to do so.

Pokimane wasn't the only streamer who threatened to end relations with Streamlabs as popular streamer HasanAbi echoed the same sentiment with his reply to Streamlabs. HasanAbi told the company that he would stop using their services if the issue wasn't resolved.

After tweets from multiple companies and popular streamers like Pokimane, Streamlabs has come out with an apology and promised to rectify the issues.

However, some other streamers like Koil weren't a fan of Pokimane and HasanAbi's tweets. In his stream, Koil expressed his thoughts on the matter, saying how he couldn't understand how people are still working with Streamlabs after all the information that has come out regarding the company. He told his viewers on the stream:

"I cannot understand anybody that is still using Streamlabs. Like Hasan and Poki and s**t that are like - oh if they don't rectify this I'm going to f***ing, you know... leave or some s**t. Bro.. why would you stay after that?

Koil also questioned HasanAbi and Pokimane about continuing to use Streamlabs when he said:

"I don't understand how they're even questioning it. It has to be... they've to be getting paid or some s**t. There's no way they're staying on that platform.

A clip of him calling out Pokimane and HasanAbi soon hit the LivestreamFails reddit page where fans had their say on the Streamlabs situation.

A few fans were also seen defending the two streamers, saying that not much was known about the situation when Pokimane and HasanAbi tweeted out their responses.