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Pokimane rejects her viewer’s “boyfriend” application over zero Fall Guys wins

Pokimane rejected a "boyfriend application" on live stream, recently.
Pokimane rejected a "boyfriend application" on live stream, recently.
Rishabh B.
Modified 28 Dec 2020, 00:45 IST

Recently, Imane “Pokimane” Anys rejected an elaborate “boyfriend” application that she received from a Twitch viewer when she saw that his resume said he had won zero Fall Guys matches.

Pokimane was engaging with her viewers when she decided to show them a “boyfriend application” that she recently received. The application came with a resume, dating profile, and a “QR-code” that Pokimane could scan to look at the guy's photos.

As Pokimane read through the dating profile, she talked about how it also had the guy’s gaming credentials as well. As she read through the games that he had experience in, she saw that his Fall Guys profile said that he had won exactly zero games.

In good humor, Pokimane said not having a single Fall Guys win is certainly a problem for her, and ended up rejecting the guy’s application.

Pokimane receives dating application from a viewer and rejects it when she sees he has zero Fall Guys wins

As can be seen in the video posted below, Pokimane was talking to her viewers when she decided to show the aforementioned boyfriend application that she received from a fan some time back.


Pokimane read through the application, and saw that he had quite a few "accomplishments." This included being a Princeton University topper, deploying a neural network at work, and helping to copy-edit the world’s first AI-textbook.

Additionally, Pokimane also read through his life goals, which was to be financially secure in order to spend more time with his friends and family. Finally, the guy wanted to make “science fiction a reality faster,” and said that it was his life’s goal.

Image via Pokimane, Twitch
Image via Pokimane, Twitch

However, when Pokimane read through his gaming credentials, she immediately had a problem.

“He has his gaming credentials. Favorite multiplayer games right now? Warzone, 23 wins. Fall Guys. zero wins? I think its going to have to be a pass for me, dog.”

She went on to talk about how she was only kidding, and simply rejected the application. While the real reason was obviously far different from the one that she gave, she hilariously blamed her rejection on the fact that the guy have had no wins in Fall Guys.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 00:45 IST
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