Pokimane reveals she prefers grocery shopping and cooking to simply ordering takeout

Pokimane is often seen ordering takeout on stream (Image via Imane/YouTube)
Pokimane is often seen ordering takeout on stream (Image via Imane/YouTube)
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Many streamers, Pokimane included, have recently started creating more IRL content like vlogs or streaming their outings to help viewers get to know them beyond their gaming and streaming personalities. The Twitch star's latest vlog on her alternate channel "Imane" fits the bill, as she made a string of interesting revelations about herself.

Read on to find out what the streamer had to say about her eating habits and why she wants to change them.

Pokimane reveals her love for grocery shopping


The 25-year-old took a day off from streaming and decided to document it in a vlog, which went live moments ago on one of her alternate channels. After sharing her morning routine and a quick breakfast, she headed to the grocery store.

After returning home with her purchases, the online starlet started talking about how being a full-time streamer affects her eating habits.

"The last four years that I have been streaming full time, the typical thing to do as a streamer is order food, order food, get food delivered, and order food."

The video also included a clip of xQc showing his desk and its surrounding area, littered with instant ramen cans and takeout packages. This was after Pokimane attempted to help viewers understand the scale of the issue she was talking about (the same clip is available below).

The Moroccan-Canadian continued to explain the added benefits of going to a grocery store.

"Actually, going out, going to the grocery store, seeing other people, getting some steps in, walking, it feels like a really nice normal experience."

Going out to get groceries was not an option during the pandemic, and streamers tend to spend a lot more time indoors anyway. Hence, Pokimane tried to show how good it feels to do a seemingly mundane activity.

"It's just a nice normal human being thing to do!"

She concluded with a general lament on how full-time streaming affects the lifestyle of these creators.

"All I'm trying to say is when you're indoors so much. Your work is indoors. Your life is indoors, your hobbies are indoors; it's nice to take even the small opportunity to go out and see some people."

The internet star went on to show her purchases from her grocery store visit and how she planned to integrate them into her hectic schedule.

new imane vlog! ✨ streamer’s day off: workout, grocery shopping, otv hangout, & more!watch here :)

The video also included footage of her meeting friends from OfflineTV and her general routine on days when she is not streaming.

Imane is the social media sensation's third channel overall, where users can find similar vlogs, along with Pokimane, for stream highlights, and Pokimane VODs, where she stores the full videos of her livestreams.

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