"I didn't make this joke, but...": Pokimane shares Russia-Ukraine meme sent from her Moroccan family 

Pokimane shares a meme sent to her from her Moroccan family members (Image via Twitter)
Pokimane shares a meme sent to her from her Moroccan family members (Image via Twitter)
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Pokimane is perhaps one of the biggest streamers in the world right now, and since coming off of her latest controversies, she has garnered the public's attention for the better part of the year.

During her latest stream, she discussed how she uses the popular communication app WhatsApp to talk with her family that lives in Morocco. While talking about her extended family, she remembered that they had sent her a humorous meme about their country and the recent Ukrainian-Russian crisis, and decided that she would share it with her audience.

Pokimane shares Russia-Ukraine meme sent from her Moroccan family

To preface the joke, Pokimane made it clear that she does not agree with making jokes about the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict, but this specific meme seemed to have tickled her funny bone enough for her to share it.

"I know people are saying it's bad to joke about war, and I agree, so I wanna make it clear: I didn't make this joke, but..."

As she was about to start explaining the meme, she couldn't contain her laughter, so instead, she decided to just show the image to her stream and explain it afterwards.

"My family in Morocco were sending memes where- *laughs* No wait, I can just show you guys."

She then takes out her phone and starts searching for it, giggling while doing so. Once she found the image, she showed it to the camera and started describing what it said.

"Okay, so it looks like this. The top photo is Putin, and he's asking his Secretary of Defense, "Why did you invade Morocco? You didn't have to do that." And then his defense secretary goes, "Naw, it just looks like that.""

After laughing for a bit, the streamer then explains that she finds the fact that her Moroccan family sent her a meme disparaging their own country to be funnier than the joke itself.

"Like, my literal family members in Morocco are clowning on how Morocco looks!"

A user on Reddit was able to provide a literal translation of the original image, adding that they had no idea Pokimane was such a fan of "dad jokes."

Suffice to say, Pokimane was a big fan of the meme sent by her family in Morocco.

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