“I’m legitimately baffled”: Pokimane is left stunned by message from Ninja’s wife denying his involvement in JiDion drama  

Pokimane is left baffled by Ninja's wife sending messages denying her husband's comments (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane is left baffled by Ninja's wife sending messages denying her husband's comments (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Pokimane was absolutely baffled by Ninja's wife Jessica sending messages trying to gaslight her. This all comes after Ninja showed support for JiDion on stream, saying that he would try and contact a Twitch representative about removing JiDion's ban.

JiDion was banned recently for sending his audience to spam Pokimane's chat with hateful comments, causing her to end the stream early. The ban was initially set at 14 days, but was later changed to a permanent ban which left his fans furious. JiDion's fans flooded comment sections and posted tweets spreading the hashtag "Free JiDion" in an effort to try and repeal the ban through public outrage.

One of the places that JiDion fans congregated in was Ninja's chat, where they attempted to have the once number one streamer join their cause. He certainly did, and even claimed that he'd get in contact with his Twitch representative to see if he could help. Pokimane was made aware of this and went live to discuss how she was unhappy with the support shown to her harasser.

During the livestream to bring attention to the problem, Pokimane also brought forward that Ninja's wife Jessica was reaching out to her to try and explain their stance on the matter at hand.

Pokimane shocked at Ninja's wife sending gaslighting messages

The first message Poki received was one saying that both Ninja and Jessica don't condone the hateful attacks made against her, but hold no responsibility for them and will not publicly apologize for it. Jessica then claimed that Ninja didn't say he would help JiDion.

"[Jessica] re-iterates that Ninja never said that he would get [JiDion] a lesser ban and never reached out to anyone at Twitch. And then she says to me, 'It's unfortunate that the exact thing [you] speak about hating (other people making assumptions off of [you]) is what [you're] doing to Ninja right now.'"

Poki explained that this left her shocked, and unable to process what she had just read.

"At this point, I'm legitimately baffled, like, jaw on the f*cking ground, bro. Because I saw the clips that night, they may be deleted now, but I saw them that night."

The attempt by Jessica to dissuade Poki clearly did not work and instead backfired as she made this discussion public. Reddit gave their reactions to this baffling attempt at gaslighting:

It seems like the internet is against Ninja and his wife Jessica on this one, giving Pokimane all of their support. This is a complete turnabout from the hate she was receiving throughout the week. However, it remains to be seen in the coming days whether Nija's response will turn the hate around again or make things worse for him.

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