Ninja is cutting down live streaming gradually, and his reasoning will leave you speechless

Ninja reveals why he has been cutting down on his streaming time (Image via Epic Games)
Ninja reveals why he has been cutting down on his streaming time (Image via Epic Games)
Nakul Ahuja

Tyler Ninja Blevins is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the scene right now, but he isn't streaming as regularly as he used to.

While the entire community could assume that his busy schedule might be the reason behind it, the American streamer stated otherwise in one of his recent streams.

Ninja started his career as a professional Halo player but reached the apex once he took on Fortnite. Ninja's gameplay and understanding of the game persuaded several kids and streamers to take on the 100-man Battle Royale.

The American streamer is currently the most followed personality on Twitch, with a little over 17 million followers. Ninja, along with Pokimane, also bagged cameos in Free Guy and got a chance to work with Ryan Reynolds.

During a recent Q&A session with his wife Jessica, a viewer asked Ninja how often he feels the things he says during a stream get taken out of context.

The American streamer was quick to respond and revealed it was the driving reason behind him not streaming regularly.

Ninja reveals why he isn't streaming regularly

The American streamer has lost scores of followers because he hasn't been streaming regularly. His Fortnite streams, too, have become less frequent and have irked even the most ardent followers.

Ninja has kept everything under wraps for a while now. But he didn't waste any time from revealing why he doesn't stream as often during a recent Q&A session.

He said:

β€œThe reason I’m not streaming as much as I normally do right now, is because every time I stream, I feel like I’m getting a bunch of donations and questions and people in the chat trying to get me to say something, and then it ends up being twisted and it blows up in my face."

Ninja went on to say that people taking his statements out of context has troubled him a lot. He prefers answering questions "in non-serious ways," to avoid giving people chances to make him look bad.

Jessica wieghs in on the conversation

Jessica revealed that Ninja is pretty stressed, as every moment of his life is constantly under a microscope. Ninja revealed a few weeks ago that the pressure of streaming gets to him sometimes, which makes it less enjoyable.

The American streamer has been streaming nonstop since 2017 and has taken on several titles during this period.

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