Ninja returns to Fortnite after a long hiatus to play with NRG Ronaldo

Ninja returns to Fortnite after ages and plays with NRG Ronaldo (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ninja returns to Fortnite after ages and plays with NRG Ronaldo (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was recently seen playing Fortnite with NRG Ronaldo on his stream to mark his return to the game after a long hiatus.

After weeks of streaming Valorant, League of Legends, and other games, Ninja finally returned to Fortnite on May 14th. He was seen playing a match with NRG Ronaldo where the duo put up a stellar performance but couldn't clinch the Victory Royale.


During the match, Ninja and Ronaldo engaged in a conversation regarding investments in Esports and the monthly earnings of other streamers from Creator Codes. The stream also had its fair share of jokes to entertain everyone watching.

Ninja's return to Fortnite is a joyful sight for many of his fans. Epic Games' battle royale title made Ninja one of the most popular streamers in the world. Most of his dedicated fans have been following him since his Fortnite days.

Ninja returns to Fortnite

After Ninja recently announced his departure from Time In's Valorant roster, the streamer has been streaming many other games. However, his return to Fortnite is most notable for the community, considering his history with the game.


During the conversation with Ronaldo, Ninja claimed that he had earned $5 million from his creator code within one month. This goes to showcase Ninja's massive following in the Fortnite community. However, that has never stopped Ninja from streaming other games.

The main reason behind Ninja's departure from Fortnite was due to stream snipers continuously attacking him. The issue grew to such an extent that he eventually got frustrated with the game and moved on to other titles.

Although there is no certainty whether Ninja will regularly stream Fortnite, it is safe to say that his fans are pleased to see him return to the Epic Games battle royale title.

However, Ninja is undoubtedly capable of racking up kills even in lobbies filled with professional Fortnite players.

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