Ninja continues to see a drop in viewers as he ignores Fortnite

Ninja. Image via ESPN
Ninja. Image via ESPN

Ninja and Fortnite were once almost synonymous. Ninja, who is arguably the most notable of all streamers, helped to make streaming a more respected career and paved the way for a lot of streamers today.

Anybody and everybody streams on Twitch nowadays, and a lot of that comes from Ninja. Tyler Blevins, his given name, made a name off of Fortnite. In the earlier days of the game, Ninja was the best and most prominent player (arguably).

His career exploded and his popularity shot through the roof. At his peak, he was streaming Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster. He had over 250,000 Twitch subscribers.

Ninja is the only streamer who has made it to the game of Fortnite as part of the Icon skin series. That's why it's strange that Ninja is largely ignoring the game that made him famous.

Ninja and Drake streamed. Image via YouTube
Ninja and Drake streamed. Image via YouTube

Ninja ignores Fortnite

One thing does need to be noted - no gamer plays just one game. Many gamers have several games they play at the same time, and many streamers will cycle through and change it up to keep things fresh.

Ninja is no different. There are probably even some games he plays and doesn't stream, but even on his streams he plays Fortnite, Valorant and Warzone (and probably more).

Warzone. Image via Activision Games Blog
Warzone. Image via Activision Games Blog

Still, Ninja has been notably absent from the Fortnite streaming community as of late, and it seems his viewership numbers have taken a hit as a result.

Once the most popular streamer, Ninja's numbers are now struggling. Ninja streamed Fortnite for just six out of 89 hours in the month of July and saw a 50% decrease in viewership, which is likely not a coincidence.

Fortnite is one of the most loved games right now and there's no denying that people want to watch people play it, especially Ninja. Streaming has exploded and Fortnite and Ninja are at the head of it.

Even when Ninja gains, he loses. In July, Ninja gained 1.5 million subscribers on Twitch. That's the lowest amount he has gained in quite some time. 1.5 million subscribers is a lot, but when that's his lowest month, it becomes more noticeable.

Fortnite helped make Ninja, and it appears he's slowly turning his back on it. Fans are taking notice and clearly turning their backs on the streamer. Ninja hasn't revealed the reason behind his disinterest in the game.

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