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Pros react as Ninja reveals main issue with competitive Fortnite

Ninja recently shared his thoughts on Fortnite competitive
Ninja recently shared his thoughts on Fortnite competitive
Modified 27 Sep 2020, 20:40 IST

Tyler Ninja Blevins is one of the most renowned names in the world of Fortnite, having been instrumental in the growth of the game as a global phenomenon. From streaming alongside Drake to appearing on The Jimmy Fallon show, the 29-year-old has become the poster boy for Fortnite and continues to serve as an inspiration for several young pros who take to the game today.

While he may have drifted away of late, his recent return to the title that kickstarted his streaming career was truly a heartening moment for fans across the globe.

Given his recent involvement with the game once again, Ninja decided to share his thoughts on the Fortnite competitive scene:

From speaking about the major issues to even highlighting how Epic Games could possibly fix them, Ninja's thoughts led to several reactions online.

Ninja shares his thoughts on Fortnite competitive

Speaking about the present state of Fortnite competitive, Ninja proceeded to share his thoughts, with reference to the warmups for the upcoming FNCS:

"I've come to the conclusion that, without a dedicated league of respected teams and respected players who obviously know how to play at a high level and don't grief and land on each other or push random, dumb kills that won't do anything and actually just ruin the game for themselves and the team that they're griefing, I don't think there will ever be full success and legitimacy of Fortnite competitive."

He then spoke about the Cash Cups vis a vis the FNCS:

"I think the cups are gonna be the cups, that's always gonna be griefworthy, randoms are gonna get in and just stream snipe... I think that's inevitable and just the nature of the Cash Cups."
"In terms of FNCS, this next-level Fortnite competitive players who are already established, there needs to be leagues and lobbies where they can cue up, you know with teams and against teams that are obviously just as good, who have qualified if you will and are there consistently... I think that's how it should be, if it's ever to be super looked up to or respected."

Ninja went on to round up his statements with the following tweets:


Ninja's comments on Fortnite competitive led to quite a few reactions from competitive pros, who came out in support of his views:

Published 27 Sep 2020, 20:40 IST
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