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Ninja returns to Fortnite, says it’s the most fun he’s had in a long time

(Image Credit: Dexerto)
(Image Credit: Dexerto)
Modified 19 Sep 2020, 02:03 IST

Many of Ninja’s fans might have noticed that the streamer has taken a bit of a hiatus from the game that drove much of his success lately. He’s been seen playing Valorant and Among Us much more than Fortnite as of late, but with his most recent return it appears that Ninja has actually been enjoying himself.

Ninja departs from Fortnite

Ninja made his departure from Fortnite a while ago, and without too much of the usual complaining that comes when a well known streamer stops playing a game they’re known for. Fortnite, it seems, simply stopped being an appealing game to Ninja, and he enjoyed himself elsewhere.

For a while, that seemed to become a new normal, and many might have assumed that Fortnite would simply become a tertiary game for Ninja. He seemed perfectly happy to make content for the games he was enjoying more at the time anyway.

Ninja decides to return to Fortnite

If Ninja had simply started playing Fortnite as usual, or made some less entertaining content for the game, then there would be very little to talk about. However, Ninja’s own comments on his experience playing duos with SypherPK was that it was “the most fun on the game in a long time”.

He prefaced this by talking about how he had been feeling down as well, and it would be hard to imagine that simply playing Fortnite would have been all that useful to Ninja had it not been with a friend, or not been a fun experience.


Ninja’s relationship with his fans

Additionally, fans of Ninja’s were likely happy to see the streamer playing in the game many of them had found him through. Many streamers can feel pressured to stick to a certain game or collection of games after building up even modest success, which can lead to feelings of being trapped or lost.

It can be easy for someone outside that bubble to tell streamers to just move on to whatever game they want, and fans will follow, but for streamers whose livelihoods, and the livelihoods of their teams, depends on their continued success, it can be incredibly difficult to move forward.

That is why it was surprising to see Ninja take such a long hiatus from the game, though fortunately for him his contract offers him a good amount of freedom to deviate from an accepted norm. Whether or not he will return to Fortnite in force is unknown, but for now it’s great to see him back.

Published 19 Sep 2020, 02:03 IST
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