PS 5 new price and launch date leak, early launch in Japan  

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Sony's upcoming next-generation console, the PS 5, will be launched on November 20, 2020 according to rumors. The new leaks from a twitter user, who goes by the name IronManPS5, suggests PS 5 prices will be less than $500. He also tweeted about an early launch of PS 5 in Japan. According to twitter user Iron Man-

Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch PlayStation 5 in several countries in the holiday season of 2020 and will make PlayStation 5 available in North America and Europe on November 20, 2020 at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $499, €499 and £449

The leaker's credibility with the community is not that good. Many people in his PlayStation 5 thread have responded that it's a piece of fake news.

However, we don't think that every piece of information he provided is fake. There's no credible source to IronManPS5's leaks, but the launch dates and prices he mentioned are plausible.

We are sure that PlayStation 5 is going to launch in the holidayof of 2020 . PS 4 was launched on November 15, 2013 in the United States and Canada, followed by a worldwide release on November 29, 2013. PS 5 may have a November 20, 2020 release.

The second tweet we want to talk about is the one about PS 5's early launch in Japan. Now, we are quite skeptical about this one, because Sony's only launches a console earlier in Japan when they have enough games for their home market.

It is a business strategy Sony has used with the PS 4. However, there's a possibility that PS 5 may get an early launch in Japan because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We will provide a further update on this particular matter if we get any credible news.

Now moving on to the last topic, PS 5 prices suggested by IronManPS5 are $499, €499 and £449 (RRP). The digital edition will cost a $100 less which means PS 5 digital edition will be priced at $399. Now, as said earlier, many people didn't agree with IronManPS5 about the prices. He was continuously asked for sources and defamed for fake leaks.

However, we think that the price he mentioned in the leak is quite plausible. In the past, Amazon France and Play Asia have also leaked somewhat similar prices. So, we think that PS 5 might launch with a price tag of $499 for the base model and $399 for the digital edition. For sources on the price leaks, we suggest you check our previous articles which thoroughly covers them.

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