PlayStation 5 User Interface: All you need to know

PS5's User Interface feels very smooth and completes your tasks with a blink of an eye (Image Credit: PlayStation)

If there was something that PlayStation fans desperately wanted to see before they pre-ordered the PlayStation 5, it was the user interface of the next-generation console. Sony, a lot like the other aspects of the newest console, have not disappointed us at all.

At the first glance, the PS5 UI feels far superior to the one currently used in the PS4. The console has been added with some key changes to make the gaming experience seamless, and loading times almost non-existent. Moreover, it has also revamped the UI to make certain additions to the control panel, which are indeed very helpful to the player.

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In this article, we will be going over all the new changes made to the UI of the PlayStation 5, and how will it enhance the gaming experience of the enthusiasts.

What are the new changes in PlayStation 5 User Interface?

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5's activities in the control panel have been one of the key highlights of the UI reveal (Image credit: PlayStation)

A few months earlier, the hardware specifications of the Playstation 5 were revealed, and that hyped players for the next-generation console. However, many fans were asking about the UI reveal of the PS5, which will give them an idea as to how the console works in its entirety.

Starting with the cool new features that were spotted in the reveal of the PlayStation 5's user experience, is the addition of Activities in the control panel which allows players to do/view a variety of tasks. It can be used to see your total in-game progress, with an estimated completion time of the game, objectives which can be completed in-game, and many more things. It also keeps a tab on your media activities, such as screenshots and more, to get all the things without having to look further.

Moreover, these objectives have in-built official videos, which can help you to complete a certain task or find treasure, in most open-world games, like Naughty Dogs' Uncharted series. This is an extremely significant feature, as it will discourage players to look at walkthroughs online, and save them from potential spoilers. (Works with the PlayStation Plus subscription only)

The PS5 UI has also seen a reworked party voice chat system, and how screen-sharing works in the PlayStation consoles. You now have the option to see what your friend is playing without shutting down your game. You can spontaneously have a conversation with them and also guide them in certain hard levels if need be.

Screen-share allows the players to see friend
Screen-share allows the players to see friend's gameplay (Image credit: PlayStation)

The sharing system on the PlayStation 5 looks amazing as well. It allows players to directly share their images without going through too much trouble. The PS5 also features the classic 'Explore' and 'PlayStation Store' tabs, which have both been revamped as well, to bring official information from Sony and other games you follow, directly to your PlayStation 5.

Overall, the UI experience looks fabulous in the PlayStation 5, and it would be interesting to see what other changes make it to the final version of the console.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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