PUBG Lite PC Update: New Gun, Login Rewards, Grips and Attachments added to the Battle Royale

PUBG Lite PC: New Assault Rifle
PUBG Lite PC: New Assault Rifle "Beryl-M762" Added to the Battle Royale
Hritwik Raj

PlayerUnknown's Battleground PC Lite version recently received a new update. PUBG Lite PC new update brings major changes to the Battle Royale title. From new guns, attachments to daily rewards we got several new changes and additions. PUBG PC Lite Update brings the following mentioned items to the game.

#1 New Assault Rifle Beryl M762 has been added to PUBG Lite PC. The assault rifle category gun M762 utilizes the 7.62 MM rounds to annihilate your enemies. PUBG PC Lite already had several ARs which used 5.56 rounds. Addition of Beryl is a great choice by the developers. It provides variety to the players.

PUBG Lite PC: 3 New Grips Added
PUBG Lite PC: 3 New Grips Added

#2 Three New Grips added to PUBG Lite PC- Grips are an important attachment of any gun in PUBG. Without grips handling a gun is quite hard. Plus grips are essential to give you an edge over your enemies. The new grips which were added to PUBG PC Lite version in the recent update include:- Light Grip, Half Grip and Thumb Grip.

PUBG PC Lite New Login Rewards
PUBG PC Lite New Login Rewards

PUBG Lite PC version login rewards where changed, the new rewards are way better than anyone expected. New login rewards include-

#1 S3 Goggle.

#2 Hero's Crate - New loot boxes which can be bought with 1000 BP. Hero's crate has 300 % more chance to unlock a rare item.

#3 QI PAO - the traditional Chinese costume for female.

#4 Water Fest AKM Skin.

The New AKM skin looks sick, adding it in the new login rewards is a great way to get players attention in the game even more. The update doesn't end here, there are several new fixes done to the pre-existing bugs in the game. The new update for PUBG PC Lite version showcases how dedicated the developers are in making the game perfect.

PUBG Mobile Lite is also available. Here is a full guide on How to download PUBG Mobile Lite.

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