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PUBG Mobile airdrops: All you need to know

A guide to PUBG Mobile airdrops
A guide to PUBG Mobile airdrops
Modified 13 Jun 2020

The unique features of PUBG Mobile make it one of the best games from the battle royale genre. PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing mobile game in the month of May, with the game earning around $226 million.

Air drops or Care packages are random drops of equipment like guns, vests, helmets and more. They drop in randomly at any time during matches, so players have to watch out for them to reach them first. There are no exact locations where the drops will be made, and five airdrops arrive in every match. 

What are the contents of an airdrop in PUBG Mobile?

Items in an airdrop
Items in an airdrop

These are the list of the items that players can obtain from these drops:

Weapons: M249, AWM, Mk14, Groza and AUG A3

Gear: Level 3 helmets, Level 3 armor and Level 3 backpacks

Costume: Ghillie suit

Consumable Items: Adrenaline syringe and medical kit

Weapon modifiers: 4x and 8x scopes, suppressors for guns


Also, there is another way of calling for special airdrops by using the Flare gun. 

What is a Flare Gun?

The flare gun is a quite rare weapon present in PUBG Mobile. The gun, when fired, calls in an airdrop filled with various items while the player is inside the white circle, or an armoured vehicle if the player is outside the white circle.

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Players need to be extremely careful while approaching and looting airdrops. There will be various other players that camp around these drops, using them as bait to catch opponents off-guard.

So, players have to check the surroundings around the airdrop properly before taking any action. It is quite essential to loot them within few seconds of the drop, as it attracts many other squads as well.

Players sometimes have to let go of an airdrop. As said earlier, they land at random places and not always at proper/convenient ones. They might occasionally land on a roof or inside water. The airdrops that compromise the team's positioning are better left alone as well!

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Published 13 Jun 2020, 14:27 IST
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