PUBG Mobile Among Us-themed mode: All we know so far

The latest Among Us themed game mode is called "Who is the ghost" (Image via FanByte)
The latest Among Us themed game mode is called "Who is the ghost" (Image via FanByte)
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In the future, PUBG Mobile and Among Us fans might have a big surprise in the form of a collaboration-style mode in the latter. This is because of a video leaked by a YouTuber called LuckyMan.

According to the content creator, he was able to play it early to verify it, and it's coming soon as a patch update to the Chinese edition of PUBG Mobile.

Among Us-themed mode in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile-Among Us mode news is, at this stage, far from being verified. However, the Chinese variant of the title, "Game for Peace," has already incorporated the new theme, bringing in particular changes.

The latest game mode is called "Who is the ghost" and features two teams: special forces and a ghost. The latter's role is to eliminate the members of the special forces before they find out who the ghost is.

The whole video created by LuckyMan is from the viewpoint of the ghost, and the accompanying photos represent a brief explanation of what is happening in the game.

Image via LuckyMan
Image via LuckyMan
Image via LuckyMan
Image via LuckyMan

Because it appears in the Chinese version of the famous battle royale title, there is a definite possibility that fans will see this new mode themselves shortly if these rumors are real.

Hopefully, if the new mode makes its way into the global variant, it should produce enough changes to be legally approved without any copyright claims. This has been the case for some Among Us lookalikes.

It's impossible to predict when the new themed variant will unfold, though. Game for Peace usually is an update or two ahead of PUBG Mobile. As version 1.2 has just been launched this week, if things adhere to their regular monthly timetable, February or March is the earliest fans should expect this collab.


There's every possibility that it'll be a limited-time event that every player will miss when it's concluded. Still, there's no solid proof that fans will ever get this version outside of China.

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