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PUBG Mobile: Best 4 finger claw settings and layout

An in-game picture of four finger layout
An in-game picture of four finger layout
Modified 19 May 2020, 03:18 IST

PUBG mobile has a control setup which can be customized by the player according to their choice. Players use different types of control according to their preference. There are various types of setups used by the players such as the two finger/thumb setup and the claw setup. 

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What is the 4 finger claw setup in PUBG Mobile?  

In the four-finger claw setup, the mobile is held in the player's hand by six fingers, giving a claw-like movement to the other four fingers. The main reason for using this setup is that it allows the player to jump, move, look around and shoot simultaneously. It gives the player an advantage in close range combat.

Players tend to prefer the four-finger over the two-finger setup because moving, shooting and looking around simultaneously is not possible with the two-finger setup.

The 4 finger claw setup

Screenshot of the layout
Screenshot of the layout

While using the aforementioned setup, it is recommended to make changes in the parameters based on your personal preference and the device you are using for playing.

Enabling 'Peek & Fire' setting along with the 'Peek & Open Scope' setting would provide an option to shoot at a target while staying behind cover.

This setup is immensely useful in close range combat and it also helps in controlling recoil. The usage of the thumb is recommended to aim at the enemies.


Moving around and controlling the recoil can be done by dragging your fingers down the screen, while the index finger should ideally be used for shooting and peeking.

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ADS Settings
ADS Settings

The next thing to do is finding the perfect sensitivity for this setup. Here are the best sensitivity settings for different setups.

4-finger claw ADS sensitivity (Non-gyro)

3rd Person No Scope: 120%

1st Person No Scope: 104%

Red DotHolographicAim Assist: 60%

2x: 36%

3x: 27%

4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 17%

6x: 14%

8x: 12%

These ADS settings are for easier recoil control. Having said that though, changes can always be made based on personal preferences. 

Published 16 May 2020, 17:45 IST
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