PUBG Mobile: How to get free UC for PUBG Mobile in 2020

Free UC
Free UC

UC, also known as Unknown Cash, is the in-game currency of the popular mobile game PUBG. UC is used to purchase exclusive skins, emotes and items from the in-game store.

UC is very expensive, and not everyone can afford to purchase the in-game currency. Moreover many don’t want to spend money on the game.

How to legally earn UC in PUBG?

The following methods can be used to earn free UC legally in PUBG:

# 1: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward is an application that rewards users with Google play credits for answering various surveys. These credits can later be used to buy UC in the PUBG game.

The frequency of surveys varies from person to person.

Google Opinion Reward
Google Opinion Reward

As this application is by Google, it is 100% legit and surely works.

# 2: Swagbucks

Swagbucks - one of the most popular GPT sites
Swagbucks - one of the most popular GPT sites

Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT (get paid to) site. It is similar to Google Opinion Reward.

Users need to answer surveys and complete tasks such as answering quizzes, daily polls etc. to earn 'Swagbucks' currency. There is a Flipkart gift voucher that can be redeemed using 800 SB. The voucher can then be used to purchase Google Play gift cards from the e-commerce store.

# 3: PUBG Bonus Challenges

PUBG bonus challenges provide a way by which players showcase their skills and talents to earn battle coins which can then be exchanged for UC.

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# 4: PUBG Events

There are weekly PUBG events and missions to be completed that provide additional 10-50 UC to the players. There are 7-8 such events every week.

There are a lot of websites like UC generator that claim to provide UC for free. But most of them are fake, and additionally, it is illegal to obtain UC by this method.

You can read this to know more about the UC generator.

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