PUBG Mobile: Best gun combo for beginners

Prashant Soni

Every beginner in PUBG Mobile has to go through a steep learning curve, especially to understand the guns. Considering the kind of battles you are likely to face, there is a lot to learn before you can say that you are ready for competitive online gaming..

Here, we present to you the two easiest guns to learn in PUBG Mobile.

The combo of the M416 and the M24 is probably the most fearsome gunset in the game. A versatile Assault rifle for close to mid range (M416) and a Sniper for long range fights (M24) will make sure you are never short of action in PUBG Mobile.

#1. M416


This is hands down the best gun in the game. The recoil of the M416 is breezy, only if you know how to control it, of course. It fares well at short range, and is a beast in mid range fights. There is no gun which can match the mechanics of this weapon over a 100m range. This is the reason why most players are now using this as their primary weapon.

Here are some stats:

Hit damage: 75.

Bullet velocity: 790 m/s.

The best muzzle for the M416 is the compensator, as it reduces recoil of the weapon dramatically, which will help you in the sprays and spray transfers. It also supports 5 attachment slots, as compared to other AR guns in its category.

When it comes to grips, you should use the horizontal angled grip, as this makes the horizontal recoil minimal. The best scopes are the red dot and 6x scope. You can, however, choose the scope you are most comfortable with.

I often use the double M416 loadout as this beast is suitable for all types of combats: short, mid and long.

#2. M24


It is a great bolt action sniper rifle that fires 7.62mm rounds. Second only to the AWM, this is the best sniper in PUBG Mobile. It can eliminate Lv 2 headgear with one shot, and is the most powerful sniper rifle found on-ground, since AWM is found only in airdrops. The only downside is that it relies heavily on scopes and skills. This gun requires a bit of practice, but it will definitely pay off in any PUBG Mobile match mode.

Here are some stats:

Hit damage: 41.

Bullet speed: 880 m/s, while the maximum DPS is 476.

It has the second-longest range of all guns in PUBG Mobile, first being AWM. M24 is often termed as an upgraded Kar98K, since it is similar to the former but with increased damage and range. This sniper ghas a very quick reload time, compared to other bolt action rifles. M24 has four attachments: Sight, Muzzle, Mag, Stock, with the most important muzzle being the Suppressor.

Here are some Assaulting drills to help you master the M416 in PUBG Mobile:


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