PUBG Mobile guide for flanking enemies like pro players (December 2023)

Tactics to flank enemies like a pro in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to flank enemies like a pro in PUBG Mobile. (Image via Tencent Games)

Victory in the dynamic landscape of PUBG Mobile depends heavily on tactical skill. A pro-player strategy known as "flanking" is an approach that takes enemies by surprise and helps in gaining the upper hand in battle. To master this difficult technique, you need to have a combination of map awareness, communication, and skillful execution.

This article will cover three essential components that, as of December 2023, will enable you to skillfully flank enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Note: The tips listed below are subjective and solely reflect the writer's opinions.

Map awareness, coordination, and proper loadout are crucial to flanking your enemies like a pro in PUBG Mobile (December 2023)

1) Map awareness and strategic positioning


A good understanding of the map and strategic positioning is essential for successfully flanking foes in PUBG Mobile. Begin by examining the map early in the game to locate high-traffic areas, cover, and probable adversary sites. Based on the diminishing play zone, pro players improve at forecasting adversary movements.

Choose a route that utilizes natural topography and provides cover for your approach. Make use of ridges, buildings, and greenery. Avoid open areas where you could be a target.

The element of surprise is essential in flanking; therefore, select less trafficked paths and outmaneuver opponents by taking advantage of elevated locations wherever available. You'll lay the groundwork for effective flanking maneuvers if you master map awareness and smart positioning.

2) Communication and coordination


When implementing flanking maneuvers, effective communication is critical in PUBG Mobile. Voice chat or in-game communication tools are used by professional players to communicate adversary positions, coordinate moves, and synchronize attacks. Before launching a flank, make sure your squad is aware of your strategy and is prepared to capitalize on the distraction you cause.

Timing is essential for successful flanking operations. Furthermore, exchanging information on enemy loadouts, health, and numbers can help you make better judgments throughout the flank.

Use in-game markers to show adversary positions or potential pathways to expand coordination beyond vocal communication. You may improve your flanking abilities and raise the likelihood of a successful ambush by encouraging strong teamwork and communication.

3) Weapon loadout and mobility in PUBG Mobile


Professional players understand the significance of choosing the correct weapon loadout for effective flanking. Choose flexible weapons that excel at close to mid-range combat, allowing you to engage quickly after gaining a suitable position. Attachments like suppressors and quickdraw magazines improve your ability to engage quietly and quickly.

Consider tactically using vehicles to travel big distances quickly, catching adversaries off guard. Pro players have mastered the skill of balancing firepower and mobility, allowing them to perform flanks with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

By incorporating these elements into your gameplay, you'll elevate your strategic prowess and emulate the tactics of pro players, increasing your chances of emerging victorious in intense battles.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned by the Indian government. Players in the country may instead try Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian variant of the mobile title.