PUBG Mobile squad matches guide (December 2023)

Tactics to win squad matches in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to win squad matches in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

The main essence of PUBG Mobile is squad matches in the Classic mode. Getting that coveted chicken dinner is a goal shared by all players, regardless of experience level. To get an advantage over your rivals and win, you must overcome several obstacles.

While practice undoubtedly increases your chances of success, there are several tricks you may use to reach your goal quicker. This article explores a few tactics to employ in PUBG Mobile squad matches to win.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Tips to dominate squad matches in PUBG Mobile (December 2023)

1) Role distribution and communication


Mastering PUBG Mobile squad matches in December 2023 necessitates intelligent team formation and effective communication. Assemble a well-rounded team with varied qualities to increase your chances of success. A proper team consists of players competent with a variety of weaponry, such as assault rifles, snipers, and close-quarters combat specialists.

Have specific roles assigned to each member. For instance, the in-game leader (IGL) is usually the one who has the best map knowledge and positional awareness. The entry-fragger is the most skilled fragger, who goes in guns blazing, etc.

Additionally, a successful team is built on effective communication. To keep everyone updated about opponent locations and coordinate moves, use the in-game voice chat or external communication tools. This guarantees that everyone has a clear goal in mind, resulting in a more organized and efficient gameplay experience.

2) Strategic landing and loot prioritization


Strategic decisions made early in the game can have a huge impact on your squad's performance. Choose a landing point that balances loot availability with potential engagements. Hotdrop locations provide high-quality loot but are accompanied by intense early-game battles. Dropping in more distant places, on the other hand, may provide a quieter start but restricted resources.

Once on the ground, efficiently prioritize loot. To speed up the gearing-up process, assign specific sites or buildings to each squad member. Spare supplies should be shared, while necessary things like first aid kits, ammo, and level 2 or 3 armor should be prioritized. A well-equipped squad is better prepared for unexpected encounters and can seize opportunities as they present themselves.

3) Tactical gameplay and rotations in PUBG Mobile


As the game continues, strategic gaming and rotations become increasingly important. Maintain vigilance, especially during zone transitions, and be alert to the reduced play area. For speedier rotations, plan your movements ahead of time and use vehicles strategically.

Coordinate your squad's attacks and defenses during engagements. Communication is critical for carrying out successful ambushes or protecting against hostile assaults. Make good use of terrain and cover, and always be aware of your surroundings. Staying ahead of the competition in December 2023 needs a combination of precision shooting, tactical placement, and quick decision-making.

Adapt your approach based on the changing dynamics of each map and circle. Keep up with the newest in-game updates and adjust your squad's strategy accordingly. Staying informed provides your squad with a competitive advantage, whether it's harnessing new weaponry, recognizing map changes, or exploiting developing techniques.

By focusing on these key points, your squad can increase its chances of securing the coveted "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" in the ever-evolving battlegrounds.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned by the Indian government. Players in the country may instead try Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian variant of the mobile title.