3 Best BGMI strategies for surviving in locations with limited cover

Strategies to survive in a location with little cover
Strategies to survive in a location with little cover (Image via Krafton)

Survival abilities are critical to triumph in the fast-paced and fierce arena of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). However, facing situations with inadequate shelter might be a considerable difficulty. Whether you are a veteran or novice, these conditions will put you at a significant disadvantage, especially in the final circle of the game. By learning some useful tactics, you can significantly boost your odds of survival and take your gameplay to new heights.

This article examines valuable tactics to help you thrive and outlive your opponents in such scenarios.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Using vehicles strategically and 2 other tips for surviving in a location with limited cover in BGMI

1) Leveraging natural terrain features


Making the most of the natural terrain characteristics at your disposal becomes critical when you have little shelter in BGMI. Here's how to make the most of them:

  • Taking advantage of positioning: Look for hills, ridges, rocks, trees, and any other available items that can provide partial or complete cover. Position yourself strategically to increase visibility while decreasing exposure. You can make it difficult for attackers to notice and target you by blending into the environment and remaining hidden. Use ridges to protect your upper body while remaining low-profile.
  • Gaining defensive advantage: Seize the opportunity if you find a high position. Hills or structures on more elevated ground offer a substantial benefit. You can survey the region from this vantage position, see foes from a distance, and plan your next move more efficiently. It also enables you to respond to threats quickly while maintaining control of the situation in BGMI.

2) Harnessing the power of smoke grenades


Smoke grenades are handy in situations where cover is restricted in BGMI. Understanding how to use them can give you significant benefits. Here's how to make the most of them:

  • Providing cover: Smoke grenades can provide rapid cover when you are exposed or need to cross open areas in BGMI. Toss them strategically to hide your movements and obscure opposing sightlines. Place smoke between yourself and prospective threats to provide you time to relocate or seek better cover.
  • Diversion and distraction: To divert enemy attention, smoke grenades can be employed as a diversionary strategy. To generate audible and visual distractions, throw them in diverse directions or at strategic moments. This might distract opponents from your location, allowing you to flank or move undetected.
  • Blocking line of sight: Smoke grenades can be pretty helpful when you must go across a line of sight or obstruct an enemy's view. You can impede an enemy's aim and buy valuable time to cross open regions or locate alternative cover by tossing it carefully in BGMI.

3) Strategic use of vehicles


In regions with limited cover, vehicles can be significant assets in BGMI. Understanding how to use them strategically will drastically improve your chances of survival and mobility. Here's how to get the most out of your vehicle:

  • Mobile coverage: During engagements, vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, or jeeps can temporarily cover. Use them to your advantage by strategically arranging them between yourself and potential threats. These vehicles can absorb incoming fire and offer a safe place to return fire to the opponents.
  • Quick positioning: Vehicles can let you move quickly between locations in open regions with little cover in BGMI. Make use of them to reach safer areas or to flank opponents. However, use caution to prevent attracting unwanted attention. Vehicles can be strategically parked to obstruct sightlines or used as cover during fierce fights.
  • Speed and escape: Vehicles can be your ticket to a swift escape when the situation turns severe. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation or under heavy fire, a quick getaway in a vehicle can save your life. To increase your chances of survival, assess the circumstances and prepare your escape route.

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