PUBG Mobile guide for killing opponents like pro players (November 2023)

Tactics to kill opponents like a pro player in PUBG Mobile
Tactics to kill opponents like a pro player in PUBG Mobile (Image via Tencent Games)

The most crucial aspect of PUBG Mobile's ever-changing battleground is survival. This necessitates proper planning and eliminating foes. However, obtaining the desired Chicken Dinner and acquiring a competitive edge requires a great deal of commitment, perseverance, and gameplay consistency.

The following tips will help you raise your game regardless of experience level. They will help you play like a pro and defeat rivals to obtain the elusive Chicken Dinner.

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Tips to kill opponents like a pro player in PUBG Mobile (November 2023)

1) Mastering the basics


To play like an expert in PUBG Mobile, you must first master its basics. First and foremost, work on your accuracy. Spend time practicing headshots and controlling recoil with various guns in the Range. Using scopes effectively, such as the 4x and 8x, can offer you a huge advantage in long-distance combat.

Furthermore, placement is critical. Maintain constant awareness of the diminishing play zone and plan your moves accordingly. Pros frequently select locations that offer shelter or a vantage point. Use the terrain strategically, making use of ridges, rocks, and structures. Avoid running around in open areas and keep moving to make yourself a more difficult target.

Smart rotations and flanking are two other things prioritized by pro players. Use cars judiciously for quick repositioning. However, be mindful of the noise they make, as professionals are quick to capitalize on audio cues.

2) Team coordination and communication


Pro players excel in excellent communication and coordination. To convey information regarding enemy locations, loot, and tactical strategies, use voice chat or in-game commands.

Ensure each member is assigned a particular role based on their abilities, such as a sniper, medic, or assault specialist. This way, everyone knows what they're supposed to do, leading to less confusion among players. Also, sharing resources and properly dividing rewards with your teammates will prepare you for all eventualities.

Pros use cover fire and flanking methods to outmaneuver opponents in tight firefights. Practice synchronized motions and anticipating the moves of your teammates. This is necessary to avoid being overwhelmed by a well-coordinated enemy squad.

3) Adaptability and decision-making


Professional players excel at adapting to the constantly shifting dynamics of each match. Keep an eye on the kill feed to see who is still alive, and change your tactics accordingly. As the play zone shrinks, be prepared to review your position and anticipate other players' movements.

Making decisions fast is an important skill in this title. Pros swiftly analyze risks and what rewards they might yield to come to a conclusion regarding whether to fight or prioritize survival. Long-term success is aided by wise looting decisions as well, such as selecting critical supplies over superfluous items.

Make efficient use of PUBG Mobile's vast arsenal of weapons. Professionals frequently swap between weapons, depending on the situation — they prefer automatic rifles for close combat and sniper rifles for long-range battles. Experiment with different loadouts in the training mode to see what works best for you.

Remember to stay patient, learn from each match, and continuously refine your skills for sustained improvement.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned by the Indian government. Players in the country may instead try Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian variant of the mobile title.

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