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PUBG Mobile Guide: Traversing the map and buildings using small tricks 

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Hrithik Raj
Modified 23 Apr 2019, 21:12 IST

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is one of the largest battle royale games for a mobile platform. The game has more than 400 million players and each day these players try to win chicken dinners during matches. But then getting those chicken dinners is not an easy task. Players require skills, tactics, presence of mind, good response time, map knowledge and a few other things which are a must to win the game.

PUBG mobile remains a game where the battle intensifies as match time passes and the circle becomes smaller. Many players die in the last circle or during the early game because of slight mistakes. Here are some tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile that will aid you in your battles.

Building Traversal

PUBG mobile includes a variety of maps and areas to take advantage of if you know the right tricks. PUBG mobile building structures are the most useful elements of a battleground, as, with careful manoeuvering, players can traverse buildings and the nearby compounds. The tricks can be used to surprise your enemies as well as a flanking strategy when involved in a battle.

The towns and small areas with buildings are closely packed and one can use them through indirect ways. Today I will discuss some of those tricks which will help you in tough situations.

PUBG Mobile players can walk on the narrow edges outside of a window

Jump outside of a window and when the jump animation initiates, hold down the down analog stick. By doing this players can use the narrow edge outside of windows to rotate around the building. This makes flanking and surprise attacks easier.

Players can climb rooftops of the building using doors

Open the door on the balcony of any building, get as close as you can to the door. Now, jump while holding the forward analog stick. Note: Doors in PUBG mobile are fling open from either side, so in order, to climb the doors make sure you open it from inside the building.


Players can jump from one building to another building or window using small manoeuvre tricks

Take School as an example get to the main building rooftop and move towards the right edge of the roof. From there look at the swimming pool building with the windows. Directly align your character with the window, use run and jump technique for a boost. Now jump across the roof to the window. Similarly, you can access many compounds and buildings using this sort of technique.

You can operate cars to approach the balcony of small compounds.

Get hold of a car other than a buggy and park it near a single story compound with a balcony. Now jump on the hood of the car and simultaneously jump towards the balcony to grab the ledge.

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Published 23 Apr 2019, 21:12 IST
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