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PUBG Mobile: How To Get the Weapon Master title? 

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:05 IST

Weapon Master Title
Weapon Master Title

PUBG Mobile has gained a lot of popularity in India. Moreover, players can customize their character with new clothing items and skins.

With the help of this article, players would be able to get the "Weapon Master" title easily in PUBG Mobile.

Conditions need to be fulfilled for getting this title are:-

1) The minimum league required is Platinum League.

2) Players have to do following:-

  • Kill enemy with AR Gun
  • Kill enemy with SMG Gun
  • Kill enemy with Sniper Gun
  • Kill enemy with Shot Gun
  • Kill enemy with Throwables (Grenades)
  • Kill enemy with a Vehicle (Car, Buggy or a Jeep)

Note- Players must fulfill these conditions in a single match.

Now, let's discuss the main strategy which will help players get this title easily:-

There are some offline players in every match who land at the end of the landing location of the map. So the player will have to land at the last with them. After marking the location of offline players or bots just head to the nearest building where it will be easy to find a shotgun or grenade. After that go near the offline players and kill one with a shotgun and another with a grenade. Now the next step is to find a vehicle, after finding one just ramble near the location of offline players and find bots to kill them with a vehicle.

These three were the "Hardest to do missions" among the list. Now readers can easily get an Assault Rifle, SMG Gun and Sniper Gun to kill people as they do in a normal classic match.


Note:- Be Careful while completing these missions.

After Fulfilling all the six conditions mentioned above, players can either exit the match or just keep playing. They will get the "WEAPON MASTER" title.

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